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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a smoke lynxpoint shorthair coatlocket & toes white markings left eyes. Brown Feather PendantsSquare Red-Tinted GlassesWalnut Glittersilk SashesLeft Not-Holly Headpiece[Custom] Not-Holly Petal FurNot-Holly Tail CorsageMaroon Fantail Pigeon Buddy


Restful Grove

(any pronouns)

account age 6/9

User ID: 14815

Join Date: 2023-10-21

Birthday: April 1

Village Profile
Hi! I am Truffula (here and on most other pet game sites I play on). The name is after the fluffy trees in The Lorax.

I'm a software developer by profession, and a cat lover for my whole life (which has been a while, I went to high school in the 1980s).

I'm not much of an artist, but I do a lot of writing. At least, I have in the past few years.

Happy to receive any messages about anything site-related, sales-related, or creative-related

Not-cat with a aprico lynxpoint longhair coatlocket & toes white markings sleepy eyes. Brown Fantail Pigeon BuddyOrange Hunter's CoatBlue Wildflower NecklaceLeft Gold Fantail Pigeon FriendEllipses BubbleBlue Fantail Pigeon on Back[Custom] Black Fungal Neonatal Foster

May 4, 2024 17:04:34
I love your cats names!!
Not-cat with a grey lynxpoint longhair coattail tip white markings stern eyes. [Custom] Nyxs Waxing Moon Set[Custom] SP24 - Ginga Dryad Wig[Custom] Nyxs Hagoromo[Custom] Nyxs Crescent Circlet

Mar 29, 2024 18:22:57
Thank you for giving Note a new home! I love the new name!
Not-cat with a smoke spotted longhair coatalmond spotted trade markingsbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings content eyes. Brown Feather Scarf

Jan 26, 2024 10:01:26
Thank youuu and of course I'll add you! You know where to find me if you want to talk. happy

Your cats have such an incredible vibe! redheart Dramatic and yet cute, a very compelling village.
Not-cat with a black rosette shorthair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings content eyes. Iron ArmorIron Claws of SlicingSilver CrownHardwood SwordBlue Noodle TailFloating Sapphire Shards

Jan 25, 2024 9:36:29
Thank you so much for my garden! hug
Not-cat with a red lynxpoint longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings content eyes. Light Rock AnkletsHardwood Bark ShieldRed Butterfly Necklace

Jan 22, 2024 0:21:35
Thank you so much for the gift! My kitties do love each other. So much that they get in soooo much trouble haha
Not-cat with a beige mink longhair coatsnow mink trade markingslocket & toes white markings neutral eyes. Hardwood SwordOrange Tulip NecklaceLeft Orange Tulip Headpiece

Jan 22, 2024 0:18:36
Thanks so much for sending such a sweet gift! I’m excited to get this garden started!
Not-cat with a buff classic shorthair coatcream classic trade markingsbib & boots white markings uwu eyes. Uncut Diamond NecklaceEmerald Geode CrownTasty Tiger LilyLight Hunter's Tail Cozy
(any pronouns)

Jan 21, 2024 13:52:30
Thank you very much ! Will use the food for the little no-kitties ahah sparkleparty
Not-cat with a snow cloudpoint longhair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings stern eyes. Plain Silk Tail BowBlack Tulip Petal WhirlPlain Glittersilk ScarfWhite Wildflower CrownLeft Periwinkle Headpiece

Jan 20, 2024 22:30:56
Thank you for the resources! hug
My narcissistic cat as well sunglasses
Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino / C10 white markings neutral eyes. Light ScythePlain Glittersilk SashesDark Tail ScarsDark Right Eye Scar

Jan 20, 2024 22:20:16
Gadriel politely smiles with his greeting, "Thank you, for the gifts they are very much appreciated."
Not-cat with a snow cloudpoint shorthair coatlocket white markings left eyes. Left Brown Fantail Pigeon FriendLeft Bleeding Hearts Earring

Jan 20, 2024 20:16:28
Thank you! We love free things! cash
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