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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings sleepy eyes. Dark Left Eye ScarHeavy Yellow Wool ScarfDark Hunter's HatKnife



account age 5/9

User ID: 17436

Join Date: 2024-01-21

Birthday: unlisted

Village Profile
▪ ▪ ▪ welcome to Sleepytime village
relax, take a catnap, anywhere, anytime


» Hycis 〵( ´ ◡ ` )〴 🍔🍟 McD trashpanda ♡
» i live in flightrising coliseum
» Nightmare got me to join pce ≧◡≦

▪ ▪ ▪ i need these helpful links right here in my face
▪ ▪ ▪ plots ?
» family plots/cross-village lore always welcome fisherblueheart if our cats shows a bond with one another message me anytime to create/innovate new narrative arcs
** replies may be slow! juggling between real life, delicious dragonstonks, and cute catsgame~
** will slap on apparel from gathering/nestor/purchases/gifts/etc onto my cats

▪ ▪ ▪ wish list ?
let's gooo time to crylaugh and tackle expensive goals !
i try stay on fastlane for catgame OvO;; need to exalt dragons

always in need of site currency
leafcollector 1note 5note essencefragment leafdaystamp snowmeltstamp

autobots, roll out !
any butterfly clothing , all 7 colours [i've assigned bug catchers]
any hunter's clothing , all 4 colours [i've assigned hunters]
on a mission to obtain +equip on all residents [favourite gathering feebies]
clothingBlue Butterfly Swarm
clothingPink Butterfly Necklace
clothingWhite Butterfly Swarm
clothingBlack Butterfly on Head
clothingYellow Butterfly Swarm

clothingBrown Hunter's Hat
clothingDark Hunter's Scarf
clothingLight Hunter's Coat
clothingOrange Hunter's Boots
clothingBrown Hunter's Tail Cozy

crafting goals
28mar2024 | went semi-feral gathering resources +had help from nice people in this catgame community to unlock all catjobs and catrole buildings. if you need to offload spare/free resources or items , i am constantly needing these:
resourcesRed Carnations

resourcesTiger Lilies

resourcesTea Leaves
resourcesBlack Ink
resourcesSticky Glue

resourcesPaper Bark
resourcesSpool of Thread
resourcesWoolly Bun Wool
resourcesIron Bars

specialLove Letter Collection
specialCatmint Tea
specialShared Scrapbook
specialFamily Tree
specialLetter of New Beginnings

decor items for my scenery
- any swimming noodles , all 6 colours , x27 slots to fill up this lake
- snowmelt decor [the tulips and sunflowers are my faves]
decorLarge Fur Rack
decorTrough of Water
decorTrough of Hay
decorHanging Fishing Net
decorLight Swimming Noodle

decorPatch of Orange Tulips
decorLarge Rainbow Tulip Planter
decorClay Orange Tulip Pot
decorTiny Rainbow Tulip Pot
decorHanging Orange Tulip Pot

decorPatch of Orange Sunflowers
decorLarge Orange Sunflower Planter
decorClay Dark Sunflower Pot
decorTiny Dark Sunflower Pot
decorHanging Orange Sunflower Pot

sparkleparty glitter
fabulous dream cats of D̷̵̮̣͈̯̬̗͉̪͚ͣͭͤ̉ͭͮͪͣ̌͂̑̏͞0̷̧̳̬̟̬̮͉̗ͩ̍̋̓ͧͤͧ̓ͩͨ̅͘͘͟͜͠͡0̶̵̷̧̢͓̪̤͎̥̤̲̼̫͙̗̰̪̯̩̦̔͋ͣ̇͂̐̏̀͋̀̒̂͂ͫͩ͌ͣ̇̂̊̒͛͞M͓̱͎ͬ̄́̕ͅ
purr evil solid black cat +/- white markings
♡ shorthair black standard solid locket +toes
♡ longhair black standard solid +tail tip
♡ longhair snow standard solid +left patches
♡ longhair charcoal/silver standard solid +snowspots
i created all of these in the sandbox and was in shock realising that they are rare or nonexistent in the catboard. the ones that do exist costs millions of notes excuse me whaaaattt flames the pain of knowing crying
♡ 3 digit ID cat - this i saw from sales threads - they exist but i can't afford one
♡ longhair albino all colours
♡ shorthair albino all colours
♡ no family longhair snow cats

my lordy they fancy
can be obtained with EF but costs a lot

[Custom] Spooky Red Castle Background

[Custom] Trinket Collector

[Custom] Big White Round Sunglasses

[Custom] Tasty Pizza Slice

robots in disguise
somewhat affordable from gardenhome city shops , delete when get
clothingEllipses Bubble
clothingHeart Bubble
clothingBlue Pizzazz
clothingQuestion Bubble
clothingSilver Pizzazz

clothingCareful Conversation
clothingEloquent Statement
clothingBlue Starstruck
clothingTrans Scarf
clothingGay Scarf

clothingPan Scarf
clothingBlue Striped Scarf
clothingGrey Geometric Head Wrap
clothingGrey Geometric Shawl

specialty items from nestor x infinity
RNG drops from visiting moosedad , too OP in AH listings
specialHeart of Nestor
clothingSapphire Floating Heart
clothingBlack Moustache
clothingRainbow Bubbles
clothingSapphire Bubbles

▪ ▪ ▪ see you later
» come back whenever to talk about site related content while i continue
to brawl with rng for loot drops

this place always makes time for ba da ba ba baa ~

▪ ▪ ▪ current thoughts
FYI - now using comments section for my catgame TEDtalks lol
! ! !

» 18mar2024 i still have no idea what i'm doing ? ? i have many cats ? ? but i dont even understand gene'ing cats stuff lol
» 16feb2024 everyone here is so nice !!!
» 24jan2024 posted in newbie giveaways and have no regrets! thank you nice players for giving great starter advice and welcome goodies! ♡ ♡ +i can feel my eyes quit on me while reading all these guides

Not-cat with a snow spotted longhair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings danger eyes. [Custom] Shrimple[Custom] Fishbowl

May 19, 2024 18:59:35
I am so thrilled you liked the suspicious bush I made!! Cardboard cutouts are my secret passion to draw-I'm planning to make more if there are any you are hoping to see!
May 6, 2024 12:01:59
Autumn 44, Year 9 | Rain | I HAVE FIVE BARS NOW cheer
Not-cat with a cream mackerel shorthair coatalmond mackerel trade markingsvan / C9 white markings right eyes. Falling Summer LeavesRunestone TangleUncut Diamond PendantsRound GlassesBlue Glittersilk Leg SilksLightwood Bark CrownWatercolor Daisy Petal WhirlUncut Amethyst Necklace

May 4, 2024 1:46:28
thank you for the beesfeels
May 1, 2024 21:52:18
i need to stop buying every cute cat i see up for sale crying
Apr 24, 2024 12:06:50
read Starball guide twice, still don't know what i'm doing in this game laughing
Apr 19, 2024 1:16:31
happy leafducks colouring contest ended , super excited for first leafday event!
Apr 8, 2024 1:07:34
sparkleparty leafday 1 + snowmelt 1 collectibles finally completed cryingfeels bye notes
Not-cat with a choco mackerel shorthair coattail tip white markings neutral eyes. Light Tail ScarsLight Back ScarsLight Back Leg ScarsLight Hunter's BootsLight Hunter's Scarf
(any pronouns)

Apr 2, 2024 23:03:44
Thank you for the collectable! hug
Mar 28, 2024 1:14:41
lol this comments section is slowly becoming my logbook of completed catgame goals..blushing
sparkleparty haunted post office + light apothecary's workstation + plain roadside market all been crafted ! yayy
Not-cat with a cream mackerel shorthair coatalmond mackerel trade markingsvan / C9 white markings right eyes. Falling Summer LeavesRunestone TangleUncut Diamond PendantsRound GlassesBlue Glittersilk Leg SilksLightwood Bark CrownWatercolor Daisy Petal WhirlUncut Amethyst Necklace

Mar 27, 2024 7:07:19
ty for the doodels
i have the grand total of one (1) artist who is working overtime to exist
at least i have oil
(American eagle screeching in background)
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