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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a brown mackerel longhair coatno white markings content eyes. Copper CuffsCopper Tail RingsBrown Cotton MantleOrange Wool ScarfCopper AmuletOrange Sunflower CrownFabulous Yellow Aura




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User ID: 1861

Join Date: 2022-07-09

Birthday: May 14

Village Profile
Dia daoibh, I'm Eren or Sionainn!

I'm 29, my pronouns are xey/xem/xyr and fae/faen/faer. They/them are okay as auxilary pronouns. Nonbinary intersex pan aroace. Irl geologist, online nerd. I play a lot of video games and am a huge fan of scifi, fantasy, supernatural, and cosmic horror. On a Star Wars kick (mostly Old Republic era) right now.

My timezone is EST, Midwest US.

I'm an Irish Second Language (ISL) learner! Most of my cats' names are either Irish names or words, it's fun and helps me with my pronunciation (though I'm getting a fancat takeover recently). If you're ever curious about how any of my cats' names or my village name are said, please ask! Pronunciation approximations will be in their bios (when I get around to it), but sometimes English does not have the right sounds. If anyone happens to know any Irish, my pronouns are siad/iad or sí/í in Irish! Go raibh maith agaibh!

I'm also on Flight Rising! My name there is Aloy. I'm mainly active social media wise on my tumblr and twitter. Links below!

Tumblr: zaolat
Twitter: hallowednight
Flight Rising: Aloy


Village lore coming soon! Neighbors with Moriondor's village, they frequently cross paths during the day to day, exchange gifts, and hang out!

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