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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair choco st brokenwhiteness: 4uwu eyesTasty StickBlack Butterfly on HeadObsidian GlitterdustButtercup Floating Heart


Not Space


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User ID: 191

Join Date: 2022-02-26

Birthday: May 11

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Joined — 02/26/2022

Currently in the process of adding bio's and a bit of lore so things are a little messy
Pretty inactive currently, dealing with some irl stuff

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FlightRising | ChickenSmoothie | Instagram
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BPlusSupernova | BPlusSupernova | bplus_artist

shorthair ginger tor classicwhiteness: 5content eyesLeft Sunflower HeadpieceRed Geometric ShawlGold Tail RingsButtercup Floating Heart

Jan 30, 2023 19:39:18
longhair snow st rosettewhiteness: 7uwu eyesBlue Feather BeltWhite Wildflower CrownTasty Blue WildflowerFalling Summer Leaves

Jan 10, 2023 19:35:07
HI BP eyes
longhair snow st lynxpointwhiteness: 7sleepy eyesGrey Geometric Head WrapGold CuffsGold Tail RingsRainbow ConfettiGold AmuletUnnatural Emerald Pendant
(any pronouns)

Jan 9, 2023 11:29:17
longhair choco st rosettewhiteness: 6neutral eyesWhite Wildflower CrownTasty White WildflowerBlue Feather TailpieceUncut Sapphire NecklaceBlue Cotton MantleRainbow Cloud of HeartsBlue Fantail Pigeon on Back

Jan 3, 2023 23:56:06
shorthair snow st solidwhiteness: 0sleepy eyesaaaaaaaaaa
(any pronouns)

Dec 8, 2022 4:07:20
longhair aprico st brokenwhiteness: 8sad eyesLightwood Bark BucketForget-me-not CrownRainbow Confetti

Sep 19, 2022 13:25:36
i would die for lord muffin
shorthair albino  whiteness: 10neutral eyesRed Butterfly Swarm

Jun 21, 2022 3:12:54
It's an even smaller world, nestor just gave me cerise's kid AND pumpkins sibling
shorthair albino  whiteness: 10neutral eyesRed Butterfly Swarm

Jun 16, 2022 7:46:26
I just realised you have the kid of one of my not-cats! Pumpkin is descended from cerise, it sure is a small world huh? Thanks so much for the art by the way!!
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Hi Bing. This is very important: Can you write in uwu speak?