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Nestor's Wood ★

shorthair black broken catwith trade markings: red brokenwhiteness: 5neutral eyesTan Noodle ScarfUncut Amethyst SpinesScytheUncut Diamond PendantsSilver Spiked CrownRuby Geode NecklaceSquare SunglassesSilver Tail Rings


Not Ellendale


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transcatnoodle2The Enforcernoodle1sparkleknife
they/them/their or xe/xem/xyr
Greetings and salutations. You can call me Enforcer. I enjoy all things edgy (in the 2000s sense, what people are calling "edgelords" these days are just mean), brightly colored, or both. I'm here because my friends were into this site and I want to support them. Visit my Neocities.

All my scenes and some of my cats have lore blurbs if you'd like to read them. Also, what cats are in what scenes has very little relation to their actual jobs and more to do with what looks nice. Let's just say jobs aren't canon and leave it at that. Also, vague personality traits are essentially canon, but stats aren't. I only use cat statistics and canon elements that are funny, as I do in most of my petsite lore.

Literally everything I possess that isn't currently on one of my scenes, a trinket on one of my adventuring cats, or attached to Enforcer is for sale or trade (especially for trade for art) at all times. This includes any cats who don't have lore blurbs and aren't in my adventuring party. I am open to sales PMs. I'm pretty much literally just on this site to self-exalt and get art, so have at thee.

longhair aprico lynxpoint catwith trade markings: snow lynxpointwhiteness: 4stern eyesLight Hunter's Scarf

Jun 15, 2022 3:05:29
Hey there, glad to help! hug
longhair ginger broken catwith trade markings: choco brokenwhiteness: 5content eyesRose Quartz Geode NecklaceUncut Amethyst SpinesRapierDaisy CrownSquare GlassesAmethyst Bubbles

May 6, 2022 19:35:42
happyleafhatHello! Welcome cheerflames
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