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Nestor's Wood ★

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Snowdrop Glade


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Snowdrop Glade

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A small group of not-cats arrived in Nestor’s Wood at the end of winter, searching for a new home. They eventually stumbled across a glade deep in the woods, teeming with snowdrops, and decided that this would be the site of their new village.

A snowdrop.
About the Village • Snowdrop Glade is located deep within Nestor’s Wood, far from the shores of Crescent Lake. The village is mostly sustained through hunting and raising livestock, but gardening seems to be the true calling of many of its villagers—all sorts of flowers can be found adorning the village and the residents themselves.
Aspects • The aspects are a fascinating topic to most of the village’s residents, and many eagerly follow the latest news from researchers in Gardenhome. Excavations of nearby ruins have also proved fruitful—searchers have uncovered puzzling information related to the aspects and references to ancient not-cats who apparently earned awe-inspiring bynames through feats of great magic.

Symbols of the aspects, arranged in a circle.
A sprite of the Pokémon Typhlosion, from the game Pokémon Crystal.
About the User • Hello! I’ve played a lot of pet sites under various usernames over the years, but I’m currently not active on anything besides PCE. I am usually on and off throughout the day.

Links • The Snowdrop ChronicleClothing Wishlist

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