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Elk Grove


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Birthday: June 16

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a gif of a forest with rain
a thin white horizontal line

Hi! Family member passed away
doing fine but will be gone a while?

If you sent me a pending trade with payment
for art please feel free cancel it, I'm very very sorry
I won't be doing art for a few weeks at least

Much love ❤️

a thin white horizontal line
a gif of a forest with rain

Mar 1, 2023 19:27:02
Thank you so much for the gift!gem1
Feb 28, 2023 23:27:11
thank you for the gift!! sparkles
longhair aprico tor minkwhiteness: 6left eyesLightwood Log Cutting Pendant

Feb 28, 2023 21:40:32
Thank you very much for the gift! happy
longhair orange st brokenwhiteness: 4left eyesBlue Feather Anklets

Feb 28, 2023 13:17:34
Thanks so much for the raffle gift! You're very kind!
shorthair choco pat cloudpointwhiteness: 1neutral eyesWine Dianthus Petal Whirl

Feb 28, 2023 0:21:31
Thank you for my gift! My cats will love the licorice cheer
longhair charc st brokenwhiteness: 3sad eyesNot-Holly Petal WhirlNot-Holly CrownRed Wool Scarf

Feb 27, 2023 20:11:04
Thank you so much for the gift!! hug
longhair cream st minkwhiteness: 5uwu eyesBleeding Hearts Petal WhirlCrown of Chamomile
(any pronouns)

Feb 27, 2023 19:42:29
thank you very much for the gift feels
shorthair black pat classicwhiteness: 3neutral eyesFalling Summer LeavesRound SunglassesLight ScytheDark Hunter's Scarf

Feb 24, 2023 8:01:05
thank you for the gift! flowers
longhair black tor mackerelwhiteness: 4danger eyesLight Tail ScarsLight Front Leg ScarsLight Left Eye ScarLight Ear ScarsSquare SunglassesBeetlesBeetle Shell Necklace

Feb 24, 2023 2:44:38
longhair cream tor mackerelwhiteness: 3uwu eyesEmerald Floating HeartGreen Floral ScarfRight Green Fantail Pigeon Friend
(any pronouns)

Feb 24, 2023 2:08:13
Thanks for the gift!! hug
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