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User ID: 334

Join Date: 2022-05-06

Birthday: December 8

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Roops | He / They | 27 | +6h Cat Time

decorAscended Cat Portrait Painting

collectablesCarved Wood Ascended Cat

Hello, everyone!
I usually go by Rapi or Roops and I'm a digital artist and writer!

I really love cats and this game seems super cute—I'm excited
to see how much it'll grow in the coming years!

Always happy to make friends, so don't be shy! I love talking
about the game or Other Things™
⋆✧ Roop's Art Shop ✧⋆
Pixel cats, cute chibis, and headshot commissions!

LF Thread (Cats) | Cat Sales
Cat Wishlist | Item Wishlist
Sandbox Outfits | Nestor's Gifts | To-Do List

Where else to find me:
DeviantArt | Twitter | Toyhouse
Flight Rising | Wolvden

(I can't believe I missed ID 333 by one... ohh, the misery.....)

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(any pronouns)

Aug 14, 2022 21:50:23
i hope you enjoy riandur's stay!! ^^
longhair aprico st minkwhiteness: 5uwu eyesPink Wildflower CrownRainbow Cloud of Hearts

Jul 30, 2022 12:53:40
ah! i forgot to mention that i really love how decorated and dressed up all of your kitties are!!! they're gorgeous!sparklesglitter
longhair aprico st minkwhiteness: 5uwu eyesPink Wildflower CrownRainbow Cloud of Hearts

Jul 30, 2022 12:51:47
omg thank you!! pmmm rewired my brain chemistry. thank you for complimenting Honeydew!! they were my custom, n i really love how they turned out :3c
my favorite of yours is definitely Ryx! doesn't know what to do with the info but perceptive king!!!! cheer
shorthair cream st lynxpointwhiteness: 5neutral eyesPlain Glittersilk Tail SilksPink Cotton MantleRed Heart PendantRed Carnation CrownPink Butterfly on HeadWhite Butterfly Swarm

Jun 10, 2022 20:48:06
Thanks for buying Niko! It's so cool to see that they got reunited with a 'long lost sibling'.. <3
May 25, 2022 23:10:35
shorthair red tor cloudpointwhiteness: 2neutral eyesGay StreamersUncut Rose Quartz PendantsBlack DragonfliesTasty Pink WildflowerIridescent BeetlesBlack Butterfly Necklace

May 12, 2022 20:29:44
AAAA all your cats are so cute ;A;
& your pixel cat adopts... precious..... feels
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