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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair charc tor solidwhiteness: 0uwu eyesOrange GlitterdustCrown of ThymeObsidian SmokeTiger Lily CrownParsley GarlandTiger Lily Necklace



user rank 5

User ID: 345

Join Date: 2022-05-06

Birthday: March 23

Village Profile
purpleheartyellowheart no pronouns | please use my name yellowheartpurplehearthttps://en.pronouns.page/no-pronouns

PCE -3

Interested in:
  • G1s
  • Solids / carriers
  • Tan / Silver / Apricot / Beige (preferably as watercolors)
  • Points (Lynx Point / Cloud Point / Mink / Color Point)
  • Spotted
  • Watercolors in general

NOT looking for: (May trade for them but they're not super special to me)
  • Nulls / carriers
  • Low IDs
  • No more Gentle personality, I beg of you Nestor

A collection of my spreadsheet sins:

Ideal Jobs & Trinkets Tool
Far too many ways to assess the right jobs and trinkets for your not-cats
spreadsheet (blank copy)

Job-Centric Item Search Tool
Search through items at a more in-depth level than the on-site databases

Job Rolls vs. Item Returns
See what rolls for each job can net you what items, and how many
data input form

Bean Genomes Calculator & Reference Guide
Preview the potential genomes of your cats' offspring + visual references

Growth Pattern Calculator
Determine your not-cats' growth patterns with 100% accuracy
growth guide w/ Darkfang

PCE » IRL, IRL » PCE Date Calculator
What day was when? Surely a spreadsheet could tell you.
original concept + chart by Alphazi

Warrior Cat Name Generator
PCE-Inspired Warrior Cat name generator for your not-cats
name generator

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