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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a beige spotted shorthair coatbib & boots white markings sad eyes. Round Glasses[Custom] Yellow Cherry ShawlPink Butterfly SwarmMaroon Fantail Pigeon on BackBest Friend White Bun[Custom] Yellow Cherry BowPink Carnation Crown


Sunrise Peak


account age 7/9

User ID: 3943

Join Date: 2022-11-19

Birthday: May 23

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a looping pixel gif of snuzzle from g1 mlp flicking her tail and blinking. She is a unicorn.
Astro/jelly | PCE +7/8
trade | gift

 pink hearts banner with pink lines and dots between each heart

Hi i'm astro! i hang around the forums a lot and i love spotted notcats <3 some info:

- I am willing to haggle for any of my sales that are 1kn +, im also fine with putting sales on hold and preserving

- If I don't respond to ur dm/reply im NOT ignoring u, im just very forgetful and often forget to reply. also i clear my notifs pretty regularly so there's a chance i just missed it. don't be afraid to give me a poke!

- im always happy to give out stuff so if i send you a gift i don't expect anything in return!

- ok with friend requests ^^

 pink hearts banner with pink lines and dots between each heart

graphics dump vv

a stamp with four tiny identical cats at the top. the text reads: I SURVIVED CLONE DAY (SUMMER 12, YEAR 7) Gif of a rotating frog. the words "frog of the month" are written at the top and bottom. an orange stamp that says "I love sunflowers " with sunflowers drawn around
A round badge with a hotdog above ocean waves on a gradient pink background. There's text that reads "Hot dog Water" in red and blue png of Glubleko from The Final Outpost, a blue froggy creature with betta-like fins
more stuff

fancats (all traveling)

dividers by animatedglittergraphics-n-more on tumblr
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Not-cat with a black rosette longhair coatred rosette trade markingschin, boots, & belly white markings squint eyes. [Custom] Head BandageViolet Tail CorsagePeriwinkle CrownNestor Appreciation Cloak[Custom] Sage Florist Satchel[Custom] Nestorshade VeilBleeding Hearts Petal WhirlBest Friend Teal Meteorite

Jan 26, 2024 1:06:35
thank you for hosting the raffle !! i love trever theyre so cute hug
Not-cat with a snow solid shorthair coatno white markings sleepy eyes. Dark ScytheDark Ear ScarsDark Left Eye ScarBlue Wildflower CrownFalling Summer LeavesBirdskull Necklace

Jan 25, 2024 22:45:13
Thank you so much for the kitty! wigglyworm
Not-cat with a almond colorpoint longhair coatsmoke colorpoint trade markingsbib & boots white markings squint eyes. Blue Butterfly SwarmScarf of Dreams

Jan 25, 2024 18:54:04
Thank you so much for the lovely not-cat!! hug
Not-cat with a aprico rosette longhair coattan rosette trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings sad eyes. Tiger Lily Tail CorsageRight Daisy HeadpieceTasty Tiger LilyOrange Sunflower Petal Whirl

Jan 25, 2024 16:02:03
Thank you so much for the gift again!!! :DDD
Mercat with a grey mackerel shorthair coatpink mackerel tailpiebald / C6 white markings left eyes. Right Crocus HeadpieceRibbons of Promise

Jan 19, 2024 19:50:15
Thank you! sparkles
Not-cat with a aprico lynxpoint shorthair coatlocket & toes white markings content eyes. Ribbons of PromiseBest Friend Teal MeteoriteBest Friend Purple Meteorite

Jan 19, 2024 19:30:21
Thank you for the welcome! hug
Mercat with a albino  shorthair coatalbino white markings neutral eyes. Scarf of Dreams

Jan 18, 2024 1:15:51
omg hi o/
I know spingo, they were Genoveva's first friend! hug It would be so cute if they dated. You can do it spingo!!
Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings sad eyes. Rainy Hearts Petal WhirlLesbian StreamersAce ScarfAmethyst Geode CrownRight Blue Fantail Pigeon FriendBlue Shooting StarBest Friend Purple Meteorite[Custom] Crow Flock

Jan 9, 2024 18:15:43
feels I love the little heart shaped glasses that your not-cat has!!!
Not-cat with a red rosette shorthair coatblack rosette trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings uwu eyes. Lavender Floral ShawlPlain Glittersilk SashesLight Noodle TailViolet Tail CorsageWhite-Flowered Vine TangleViolet CrownHorned SkullAmethyst Glitterdust

Jan 2, 2024 2:31:06
Oh gosh we do - I may change though, I'm not set in stone
Not-cat with a albino  shorthair coatalbino / C10 white markings content eyes. [Custom] Scrollkeeper's Coil - Blue[Custom] Magical Floating BooksGreen Silk Tail BowRight Tiger Lily HeadpieceRed Heart PendantPink Butterfly Swarm

Dec 25, 2023 20:25:47
The Springshew collectible was SUCH a delightful surprise! They're so expensive and I appreciate it SOOOO much, just!!! I loved the daisy stuff too, and I just - thaank youuuu!!!! It was a hit I love it so much ♥
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