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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a black mink longhair coatchoco mink trade markingslocket & toes white markings uwu eyes. Uncut Rose Quartz AnkletsTasty RosemaryUncut Rose Quartz PendantsStick Crown


Runestone Glade


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A longhair chocolate not-cat in the sitting pose. She is wearing a crown and mantle of thyme, and there is a violet by her left ear. She is wearing a black mantle, has a dark leather satchel. There are mint glittersilk wraps around her legs and a green snake on her tail to mimic the look of vines. She is also surrounded by bumblebees.An edit of a pce cat in the playing pose with the mackerel pattern. It has been edited to resemble a vaporeon, and has blue fur with dark blue stripes, a whale-like tail, fins on its head. It is wearing the sapphire bubble and uncut sapphire necklace apparel.

Note: I am on hiatus because I am now majorly hyperfixating on Rain World. Sorry, but for now iterators and slugcats take priority over not-cats for me.

I'm Crizona on Flight Rising, and I usually go by FlowerFelis7 when drawing. I would go by one of those users here, but I can't resist going by the name of one of my favorite pokemon.

I like art, writing, playing videogames, and of course Pokemon. My favorite animals are bees, cats, rodents, and dogs.


"What's the Runestone Glade?"
The Runestone Glade is a small village of not-cats that have made their home in Nestor's Woods. They named their village after the strange rune-engraved stones that litter the area.

The not-cats themselves are pretty much just a small band of misfits trying to get by. Almost all of them are very friendly, though small bouts of chaos are not uncommon. Just don't try messing with them since they will remember (or at least some of them will...)

Most not-cats here prefer to live in dens and caves as opposed to large above-ground houses. The entrances are usually on a slope and have ways to redirect water to prevent flooding. The insides are like most homes, though it's not uncommon to see bare dirt or stone walls in some parts as well as more support beams than usual.


An animated sprite of Vaporeon from the Pokemon Black and White games.
"Clean, clear waters are its usual habitat. When it’s about to be attacked by an invading enemy, it dives into the water to hide. Blending in with the water and erasing all signs of its presence, it patiently waits for its prey, fish Pokémon."
- Moon and Ultra Sun Pokedex -


A badge for members of the Frog of the Month club.


Not-cat with a red colorpoint longhair coatginger colorpoint trade markingslocket & toes white markings danger eyes. Left Bleeding Hearts EarringBi StreamersWoven Grass ScarfBleeding Hearts Petal Whirl

Apr 26, 2023 20:53:45
artrallyI wanted to let you know I love your worldbuilding and lore and your art as well!! sparkles
Not-cat with a black colorpoint shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings right eyes. Dark Feather PendantsaaaaaaaaaaDark Right Eye ScarDark Scavenged PendantsBeetlesBlack Tulip Petal WhirlBlack Violet Petal WhirlDark Sunflower Petal Whirl

Apr 15, 2023 17:18:09
HKLFGNH oh my goSHHH ur art is so cute https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1081039299430060163/1081039393072107570/WEEW.png
Not-cat with a charc solid longhair coatbuff solid trade markingsno white markings uwu eyes. Orange GlitterdustCrown of ThymeObsidian SmokeTiger Lily CrownParsley GarlandTiger Lily Necklace
(no pronouns)

Apr 6, 2023 2:56:46
Was looking through cat IDs to see when my cats migrated from Earth and saw that peace looks so similar to a cat of my own teehee made me laugh
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Hi Bing. This is very important: Can you write in uwu speak?