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Nestor's Wood ★

shorthair grey st rosettewhiteness: 8sleepy eyesGay ScarfDark Horned SkullBlack Striped Waist WrapBest Friend Brown BunRight Red Carnation HeadpieceRainbow Cloud of Hearts



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Join Date: 2022-02-20

Birthday: unlisted

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shorthair charc st minkwhiteness: 0content eyesPurple Cotton MantleLavender Glittersilk ScarfRound GlassesPurple Butterfly on HeadPurple Butterfly SwarmBest Friend Black BunViolet Petal Whirl

Jul 21, 2022 13:20:38
enjoy your fox friend, friend!! sparkleparty
shorthair choco tor cloudedwhiteness: 4sleepy eyesAqua Snail on BackCalico Isopod BuddiesTan Snail on Head
(any pronouns)

Jul 21, 2022 3:19:49
Thank you so much for the prize, and for hosting the raffle!
Jul 15, 2022 20:49:45
Why are you like this
Jul 15, 2022 16:51:40
I am being personally attacked

Jul 15, 2022 13:52:28
thonk thonksquint confused
Jul 15, 2022 2:32:16
shorthair silver st colorpointwhiteness: 3content eyesAmethyst Bubbles
(any pronouns)

Jul 9, 2022 20:22:41
shorthair grey st brokenwhiteness: 4neutral eyesSapphire Floating HeartUncut Sapphire Necklace

Feb 26, 2022 21:03:18
yee-caw!! hug
longhair beige tor solidwhiteness: 5neutral eyesBleeding Hearts CrownTan Noodle ScarfBest Friend Brown ChickenBest Friend Orange Mini-Pig

Feb 26, 2022 13:29:51
Sorry for just dropping in here but Eir looks so cute cryinghug
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