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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a grey mackerel shorthair coatpiebald / C6 white markings stern eyes. Stick CrownBundle of SticksBrown Lakeweed BeardFallen Grass ScarfFallen Grass HatButtercup GlitterdustBlue Lakeweed MantleRed Heartfruit NecklaceRainbow MoustacheSapphire SmokeOrange SmokeRuby Bubbles


ever-growing pile of fluff

(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

User ID: 5836

Join Date: 2023-02-17

Birthday: unlisted

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"Heaven is on standby."][img
pssst hey....... i love tf2
i also play flight rising


No one dares to venture this deep into the Heart of The woods. But of course, you do.

It is said to be a place of no return, where dangers lurk. You can't trust anything, not even the trees.

A cold shiver goes down your spine, almost as if you're being watched...

A finger taps your shoulder.

Do you even know the consequences of being here?

No. Of course you dont. You didn't listen to the warnings.

But when you turn around, no one is there.


village lore goes here........ someday


this text is an image.
dear god.
there's more.
collectablesOld Stone Cat Figurine

Not-cat with a choco lynxpoint shorthair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings uwu eyes. White-Flowered Vine TangleBrown Fantail Pigeon on BackWhite-Flowered Vine Crown

Feb 11, 2024 10:18:36
Thank you dropping the unexpected kitty on me!! I will love them as much as possible hug
Dec 30, 2023 22:35:07
I know I'm a few days late here, but- your welcome! sparkleparty I'm glad you liked the gifts!
Not-cat with a cream mackerel longhair coatspotted piebald / C7 white markings stern eyes. [Custom] Cream Mackerel and White WingsDark Hunter's BootsRed Carnation Tail CorsageCrocus Tail CorsageRed Cotton MantlePlain Wool ScarfTan Floral ShawlRed Carnation NecklaceDark Sheathed SwordRed Carnation CrownLeft Crocus HeadpieceRight Violet Headpiece

Jun 4, 2023 3:17:24
rivulet is my favorite land fish blueheart
Not-cat with a buff broken longhair coatcream broken trade markingslocket & toes white markings sad eyes. Dark Feather AnkletsDark Front Leg ScarsHorned Skull

Feb 23, 2023 19:22:49
nice profile description.
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