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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a choco clouded longhair coatfreckled piebald / C8 white markings right eyes. Dark QuiverHeavy Purple Wool ScarfCatmint GarlandCrown of ThymeLeft Violet HeadpieceViolet Petal WhirlViolet Tail CorsageRound Violet-Tinted Glasses


Morning Glory Grove


account age 7/9

User ID: 7607

Join Date: 2023-02-19

Birthday: October 10

Village Profile
she/her || 20 || cupioromantic lesbian || PCE+0
toyhou.se - Jhariah | art fight - Jhariah | discord - jhariah

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art by clemidity!

welcome to my village!! i'm your local purple enthusiast with a love for cats and floriography, enjoy my horde of fancats and not-cats to go around <3
i'm always open to chat or do art trades! feel free to message me and add me as a friend as well! the more the merrier


exclamation my interests exclamation
rise of the TMNT, life is strange, amphibia, final space, hiveswap, craig of the creek, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, warrior cats
feel free to talk with me about any of these

currently playing..

go fish blue

P.S. if you want, you should listen to jhariah and tell me your favorite song from them (i'm totally not shilling i would neeeever do that)

★ surprise!! ★
if you read this far... i love gift-giving! if you want some free stuff, send me a PM with something like "gimme" and i'll send you a gift! you can specify if you want resources, food, clothing, decor and/or trinkets! i'll pick up to 3 random goodies to give <3
you can ask me to surprise you if you want!

Apr 15, 2024 15:51:40
Apr 15, 2024 15:47:32
dropping in 2 say our fav jhariah songs r probably RISK,RISK,RISK and ENTER: A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO FAKING YOUR DEATH sparkles
Not-cat with a grey lynxpoint shorthair coatsmoke lynxpoint trade markingsfreckled piebald / C8 white markings right eyes. Lightwood Bark LeggingsGold Fantail Pigeon BuddyDark Right Eye ScarLight Tail ScarsHardwood Bark Shield

Mar 18, 2024 15:50:41
Thank you so much for the materials! They will go a long way in helping me finish my last few buildings, and the paper bark especially is so helpful!

Also, floriography and purple ftw! flower2gardenerpurpleheart
Not-cat with a black broken shorthair coatchoco broken trade markingslocket white markings stern eyes. Unnatural Orange Crown

Feb 20, 2024 0:12:13
Omg you're so welcome! Kataifi looks absolutely fine adorable in that fit, I'm glad you like the new friend! cryingfeels
Not-cat with a snow classic shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings content eyes. aaaaaaaaaaGreen Fantail Pigeon on BackBlue Fantail Pigeon on TailGreen Fantail Pigeon BuddyWhite-Flowered Vine Tangle

Feb 19, 2024 15:56:57
Not-cat with a black mink shorthair coatchin, boots, & belly white markings sad eyes. [Custom] Fluffy Sheep CostumeAmethyst GlitterdustDark Hunter's BootsWhite Butterfly SwarmPurple Cotton MantleLavender Floral Scarf

Feb 9, 2024 15:51:20
Omg Maya fancat!!
Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings sad eyes. Rainy Hearts Petal WhirlLesbian StreamersAroace Scarf BAmethyst Geode CrownRight Blue Fantail Pigeon FriendBlue Shooting Star[Custom] Crow Flock

Jan 31, 2024 18:25:24
WAIT is your username a reference to the song artist? i was just listening to one of their songs a few minutes ago (i found them more recently so i havent heard too many of their songs yet)
Not-cat with a almond lynxpoint shorthair coatpiebald / C6 white markings neutral eyes. Lightwood Log Cutting PendantRight Daisy Headpiece

Jan 28, 2024 17:47:27
omg hit artist jhariah on pixel cats end dot com?? for real??

hi!! what's your fav jhariah song. I love debt collector & promises :D
Not-cat with a black broken shorthair coatchoco broken trade markingslocket white markings stern eyes. Unnatural Orange Crown

Nov 16, 2023 23:07:34
Thank you so much!! I love them! Almond colour kitties have a special place in my heart hug
Not-cat with a ginger broken longhair coatorange broken trade markingspainted spots white markings content eyes. Yellow Wildflower CrownKitty Squash BuddyLeft Sunflower HeadpieceAce Scarf

Nov 12, 2023 15:08:15
i am OBSESSED with your toh cats !!!!! so cute!!!
i also saw your note for jhariah fans, i have a hard time picking favorites so i'll say it's a tie between debt collector, pressure bomb 3?!?!, and eat your friends. :o)

cool to see someone with some of the same interests !
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