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Nestor's Wood ★

Squid's Scenery

shorthair cream pat mackerelwhiteness: 0neutral eyesLight Hunter's BootsLight Hunter's ScarfTasty StickSilver Crown
shorthair ginger pat rosettewhiteness: 7sleepy eyesGold CuffsBlue Polkadot ShawlGold Tail RingsBlue Wildflower NecklaceBlue Polkadot Tail WrapAqua Snail on BackBlue Wildflower Crown
shorthair cream st brokenwhiteness: 3uwu eyesHardwood SwordUncut Emerald Crown
shorthair ginger pat classicwhiteness: 3left eyesBerry Glittersilk SashesBerry Glittersilk Tail SilksBerry Glittersilk Veil
Pile of Purple Blankets
Blue Wildflowers
Yellow Wildflowers
Null Runestone
Broken Blue Runestones
Light Footprints Fossil
Flock of Not-Cardinals
Cottonball Garland
Standing Orange Woolly Bun
Standing White Chicken
Mini Assorted Row of Books
Wall Text Poster
Sea Aspect Poster
Tiny Note to Self
Dark Tiny Note to Self
Maroon Feather Wreath
Green Feather Garlands
Maroon Feather Garlands
Mounted Antlers
Jars of Dried Herbs
Brown Wild Mushrooms
Cottonball Garland
Starfruit Garland
Hardwood Chair
Large Hardwood Chest
Hardwood Chair
Tiny Forget-me-not Pot
Oldwood Forest Flag
Small Tree Stump
Brown Fur Rug
Autumn Village Lodge
The Village Lodge | The Not-Village | Scene #14575

Scene Description
At the heart of the village, the village lodge is a large building with a great hall big enough to fit 100s of cats inside. At the end, a few offices where the current Mayor Boots and his partner, Bittersweet, are living.


Village Map
Houses marked with a ? are float housing for use by assorted single cats, other housing is designated to a set of partners and all of their children. To accommodate all the random Nestor cats, seek to have 10-12 miscellaneous housing units at all times.

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