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Nestor's Wood ★

Squid's Scenery

shorthair grey st brokenwhiteness: 0neutral eyesSkeletal BeadsSilver FirefliesBlack Wool ScarfBlack Wool Hat
longhair ginger st mackerelwhiteness: 3neutral eyesUncut Quartz AnkletsUncut Diamond NecklaceRunestone TangleQuartz Geode CrownLeft Dark Fantail Pigeon Friend
shorthair orange st classicwhiteness: 8neutral eyesPink Polkadot ScarfUncut Rose Quartz CrownUncut Rose Quartz NecklaceUncut Rose Quartz SpinesRound GlassesBleeding Hearts Petal Whirl
Pile of Brown Blankets
Small Plain Pillows
Darkwood Path Marker
Tall Stone Cairn
Dark Mounted Antlers
Pile of Stones
Leaf Fossil
Empty Mine Crate
Crate of Rocks
Crate of Iron Ore
Raw Iron Ore
Raw Silver Ore
Metal Pan of Diamonds
Metal Pan of Rubies
Frost and Magma Runestone
Blacksmithing Forge
Blacksmith & Mines | The Not-Village | Scene #1

Scene Description
Nothing good comes out of a cave like that...

At the westernmost edge of the village, Village Blacksmith Flower and the miners work in and around the cave to make metal tools, weapons, and armor for the residents.

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