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Nestor's Wood ★

Squid's Scenery

shorthair red tor rosettewhiteness: 1neutral eyesDried Grass BackpackBlue Fish on Head
shorthair grey st brokenwhiteness: 0neutral eyesSkeletal BeadsSilver FirefliesBlack Wool ScarfBlack Wool Hat
shorthair orange st rosettewhiteness: 9neutral eyesOrange Silk Tail BowHeavy Orange Wool ScarfOrange Silk Head BowRunestone PendantBest Friend Grey Chicken
longhair ginger st mackerelwhiteness: 3neutral eyesUncut Quartz AnkletsUncut Diamond NecklaceRunestone TangleQuartz Geode CrownLeft Dark Fantail Pigeon Friend
shorthair cream st brokenwhiteness: 2content eyesHeavy Orange Wool ScarfOrange Silk Head BowLight Fantail Pigeon BuddyGold Fantail Pigeon on Back
shorthair grey pat brokenwhiteness: 3sleepy eyesBlue Wool ScarfBlue Wool HatPeriwinkle Petal Whirl
Frost Aspect Poster
Large Kittens Painting
Painting of a Knight
Large Oldwood Chest
Oldwood Sign
Darkwood Locked Box
Single Darkwood Shelf
Plain Oldwood Bed
Small Darkwood Chest
Small Blue Pillows
Black Darkwood Bed
Large Plain Pillow
Small Black Pillows
Mounted Crossbow
Blue Feather Wreath
Light Feather Garlands
Horizontally Roosting Brown Fantail Pigeons
Hanging Bleeding Hearts Pot
Medium Weathered Cat Statue
Dandelion Plant
Rice Plant
Broccatli Plant
Catbage Plant
Mine Entrance
Stone Walled Garden
Small Autumn Cottage
Small Autumn Cottage
The Silver/Ren Residences | The Not-Village | Scene #29932

Scene Description
WIP two families mini houses

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