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Nestor's Wood ★

DrakoTheDragon's Scenery

longhair buff st brokenwhiteness: 6squint eyes
shorthair cream st mackerelwhiteness: 0neutral eyes
shorthair snow st mackerelwhiteness: 1right eyesRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendDark Hunter's Boots
longhair black st solidwhiteness: 6neutral eyes
Tall Dried Basket
Tiny Dried Baskets
Hanging Woven Grass
Empty Mine Crate
Crate of Watermeowlon
Crate of Catrots
Dark Fur-Wrapped Shelter
Light Fur-Wrapped Shelter
Dark Artist's Workshop
Market Area | Fonquide | Scene #7110

Scene Description
Market Area

You’d think that setting up some stalls to sell odds and ends to any visitors next to some giant mushrooms wouldn’t work out very well, but the fungi don’t seem to be harmful, so Kiera tends to sell whatever random items she comes across here for a few extra notes.

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