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Nestor's Wood ★

fae's Scenery

shorthair brown st mackerelwhiteness: 1neutral eyesBlue Wildflower CrownFalling Summer Leaves
shorthair orange st spottedwhiteness: 5content eyesDark Sheathed KnifeWoven Grass BackpackWhite Wildflower CrownDaisy Petal Whirl
longhair snow st spottedwhiteness: 1uwu eyesFloating Orange ShardsTiger Lily Tail CorsageLeft Tiger Lily Headpiece
shorthair grey st solidwhiteness: 0content eyesGreen Cotton MantleSnowdrop NecklaceSnowdrop Tail CorsageRight Snowdrop Headpiece
Planter of Catmint
Hanging Periwinkle Pot
Hanging Violet Pot
Hanging White Wildflower Box
Green Feather Wreath
Tiny Red Carnation Pot
Not-Holly Wreath
Dark Feather Garlands
Jars of Dried Herbs
Village Lodge
village lodge | winterbloom | Scene #14599

Scene Description
in the center of the village

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