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Nestor's Wood ★

fae's Scenery

Village Lodge
forest scene in partcloud weather in winter
village lodge | winterbloom | Scene #14599

Scene Description
- doctor/apothecary
- loads more houses
- consider recolors of buildings
- fishing docks

Scene inspo:

let's try to organise my thoughts about the village and scenery here:

lake to the left, mines to the right, it think the not cats have grown the village in both directions since then

order of things showing up (ish): bonfire -> miner -> gardens -> flax & salem family -> lemon and poppy family -> clothier/craftscat/artist/apothecary/barn -> library -> lots more families -> village lodge -> doctor -> school -> mail -> inn -> market

#120 caves, blacksmith and workshop around here, might split out over 2-3 scenes and also have a house

Scene Contents
Cats in Scene:

Decor in Scene:

Buildings in Scene: Village Lodge #2806

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