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Nestor's Wood ★

Red's Scenery

shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 3sleepy eyesGreen Cotton MantleGrey Geometric ScarfDark Fantail Pigeon on Back
longhair black st brokenwhiteness: 6sleepy eyesBlack Wool HatBlack Circle Pendant
Hardwood Path Marker
Small Rocks
Standing Orange Woolly Bun
Little Snowy Fox
Patch of Catbage
Sweet Cat-tato Plant
Patch of Sweet Cat-tatoes
Crate of Catrots
Little Stick Hut
Light Swimming Noodle
Pair of Blue Dragonflies
Empty Fishing Basket
Flock of Crows
Huge Weathered Cat Statue
Fallen Tree
Large Tree Stump
Vistarion | Scene #13711

Scene Description

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