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Nestor's Wood ★

bathynomus's Scenery

longhair red st brokenwhiteness: 0stern eyesBrown Hunter's Hat
shorthair beige pat rosettewhiteness: 5stern eyesDark Back Scars
longhair charc st mackerelwhiteness: 0right eyesUncut Amethyst SpinesUncut Quartz Anklets
shorthair ginger tor brokenwhiteness: 1content eyesLightwood Bark Bucket
shorthair black st classicwhiteness: 1neutral eyesGreen Worm BuddiesSweet Cat-tato NecklaceCatbage Necklace
shorthair orange st rosettewhiteness: 0content eyes
longhair black st minkwhiteness: 4sleepy eyesBlue Feather PendantsRight Maroon Fantail Pigeon FriendGold Fantail Pigeon Buddy
Horizontally Roosting Dark Fantail Pigeons
Blue Feather Wreath
Hardwood Wardrobe
Blue Hardwood Bed
Autumn Leaf Mite
Gathering Pink Worms
Extra Large Dark Package
Patch of Broccatli
Single Hardwood Shelf
Watermeowlon Plant
Catmint Plant
Jars of Dried Spices
Little Stick Hut
Medium Dark Package
Hardwood Path Marker
Broken Blue Runestones
Cat-tato Plant
Red Wild Mushrooms
Gathering Purple Butterflies
Patch of Catrots
Horizontally Roosting Maroon Fantail Pigeons
Pink Wildflower Box
Crate of Watermeowlon
Large Wooden Cottage
Simple Fenced Garden
Michigan | Scene #21588

Scene Description

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