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Nestor's Wood ★

Kolo's Scenery

shorthair choco classic catwhiteness: 6right eyesSapphire Geode NecklaceSquare GlassesSnowpeas CrownTasty Orange SunflowerDark Sunflower Tail CorsageBrown Feather Pendants
shorthair black broken catwhiteness: 2neutral eyesSpring Leaf CloakRight Yellow Carnation HeadpieceRound Yellow-Tinted GlassesGreen Worm BuddiesOrange Sunflower Tail CorsageOrange Tulip Petal WhirlLight Leather Satchel Bag
shorthair aprico mackerel catwith trade markings: snow mackerelwhiteness: 2neutral eyesCopper CuffsFallen Grass ScarfGreen Feather PendantsSquare SunglassesSilver TiaraSnowdrop Tail Corsage
shorthair black classic catwhiteness: 1neutral eyesLightwood SwordPastel Tie-Dye Leg WrapsLightwood Bark ShieldStarfruit PendantRight Maroon Fantail Pigeon FriendMaroon Fantail Pigeon on BackBlack Violet Petal Whirl
shorthair cream classic catwith trade markings: almond classicwhiteness: 5neutral eyesWinter Leaf CloakRound Yellow-Tinted GlassesYellow Heart Head Wrap
Catmint Plant
Patch of Sweet Cat-tatoes
Cotton Plant
Pile of Cotton
Basket of Cotton
Patch of Broccatli
Watermeowlon Plant
Patch of Violets
Crate of Catbage
Patch of Rainy Hearts
Catrot Plant
Large Gloomy Hearts Planter
Patch of Green Dianthus
Tiny Pink Carnation Pot
Giant Purple Butterfly
Ashy Bee Hive
Single Snowdrop
Starfruit Plant
Basket of Starfruit
Juvenile Red Leaf Dragon
Frostdew Vine
Patch of Catrots
Bale of Straw
Single Black Tulip
Basket of Cotton
Patch of Caulimeower
Patch of Sweet Cat-tatoes
Hay Stack
Summer Leaf Pile
Crate of Snowpeas
Fallen Tree
Simple Fenced Garden
Simple Fenced Garden
Agriculture | The Tower | Scene #30102

Scene Description

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