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Nestor's Wood ★

Yanisha's Scenery

shorthair silver pat rosettewhiteness: 8content eyesBlue Feather TailpieceEmerald Geode CrownFalling Spring Leaves
shorthair red tor mackerelwhiteness: 3content eyesHeld PickaxeUncut Sapphire Pendants
shorthair aprico st brokenwhiteness: 0right eyesUncut Quartz AnkletsUncut Quartz SpinesUncut Quartz Pendants
Sapphire Vein Rock
Little Stick Hut
Rose Quartz Vein Rock
Metal Pan of Emeralds
Diamond Crystal
Quartz Crystal
Mine Entrance
Miners Worksite | Secluded Haven | Scene #3475

Scene Description
Silverfur is having a break from his work at the Mine´s entrance. Leigh is napping on top of the mine.
Dusty is on aer way to work in the mines, with aer new attire proudly on display.

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