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The main continent of Not-Earth is quite large, spanning from cold boreal woods at the north to tropical jungles and wetlands in the south. Clever not-cats who tilt their maps 90 degrees to the left will note that the landmass seems to be in the rough shape of a giant paw print. Wonder what kind of giant space kitty might have left that...?

You can click on the various regions to read more about them, or select the button in the top right corner to change between region-view and location-view.

world map
world map

The world of Not-Earth will be slowly and collectively discovered over the course of the site's life. While the not-cats are only just beginning their journey, with time they will travel further and further, eventually finding all the secrets Not-Earth has to offer.

As new regions are settled and new explorable locations released, users will be able to work together to build new cities and gain the option to change the locations of their villages. They may even discover new guardians and not-cat species.

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