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Regions: Nestor's Wood

Welcome to Nestor's Wood

At the heart of the main continent of Not-Earth, Nestor's Wood sits as the warm and cozy hearth of not-cat life. This is where all not-cats begin their journey and is the most hospitable habitat for a little not-cat.

Nestor's Wood is a largely wooded area, with cliffs and caves along the west, an open field to the north, wetlands to the east, and a large crescent-shaped lake at the center. It is the home of the Guardian Nestor and holds his Guardian Gate.

map of nestor's wood

Nestor's Wood Key Locations

Nestor's Gate
Also known as the Saltshaker, Nestor's Gate is a small square hole in the sky above a wide, flowered clearing where not-cats fall from Earth. Nestor can typically be found in this clearing, gifting trinkets, food, and other small items to the residents of Nestor's Wood.

Gardenhome City
The Primary City of Nestor's Wood is a large urban area called Gardenhome. Buildings in this deeply wooded part of Nestor's Wood have been constructed inside and around hollowed-out trees, with large treehouses and bridges hanging between them. Thousands of not-cats make this city their home.

Gardenhome is the economic hub of Nestor's Wood, with all not-cats coming to its sprawling marketplaces to buy, sell, and trade various goods.

Nestor's Wood Sub-Regions

The Heart of the Woods
This dense, wooded area just south of Gardenhome has trees so thick that sometimes it blocks out the sun entirely. Massive mushrooms make these woods their home, along with the occasional Ancient Tree, a gigantic creature that reaches nearly a kilometer in height at its tallest point.

Crescent Lake
The largest lake in Nestor's Wood is so large that you cannot see across it over its widest points. Crescent Lake is home to an underwater lakeweed forest and a large variety of aquatic wildlife. During the Winter, large ice floes break and clump along the shorelines, but large portions of the lake itself stays warm enough to host the creatures that live within.

Bramblebark Island
The most dangerous part of Nestor's Wood is a small island in the middle of Crescent Lake that is covered in a thick tangle of sharp brambles. Even the branches of the trees here are sharp and tangled, and some even wonder if perhaps it was grown this way to hide something. Perhaps when the not-cats grow stronger, they will find out what that something is.

Frog Chorus Wetlands
The most northern part of Nestor's Wood is home to a wetland area occupied by a large variety of species of frogs. Not-cats can hop between giant lilypads across the rivers and lakes, and even befriend some of the local frogs.

Sunflower Prairie
The eastern part of Nestor's Wood is made up of a large, open prairie covered in a variety of flowers, especially sunflowers. This area is particularly windy, with large dandelions spreading giant dandelion seeds across the fields like parasols.

Rolling Cliffs
The western part of Nestor's Wood is home to an unusual set of forested cliffs and hills in curled and rolled shapes. This area seems to be the foothills for a much larger mountain series just beyond it, though it will take some climbing to see what lies out there. Scattered hidden between these rolling hills are cave entrances to an expansive cave system that lies beneath them.

Glowbug Caves
Below the rolling cliffs, and even stretching below the central area of Nestor's Wood, is a large, crystalline cave system home to a number of bioluminescent creatures. The glowing and shifting nature of the lights within the caves make them maze-like and impossibly difficult to map and navigate, yet, some not-cats still try, and those who do are rewarded with gemstones and precious metals with which to make lovely shiny things.

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