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Terms of Service


"We" and "Company" refers to Cloudy Squid Games LLC.

"The Site" refers to the online game called Pixel Cat's End, including the website pixelcatsend.com and all associated pages, art, and services.

"Content" refers to all information (including forum posts, messages, images, descriptive texts, art, etc.) stored or posted on or in connection with the site.

"User" refers to any person who uses, registers an account, or visits the site.

"In-Game Items" refers to any virtual items which can be acquired within the game, including but not limited to cats, scenes, decorative items, notes, essence fragments, materials, and collectables.

Terms of Service

Please read the Terms of Service carefully. By using or accessing the site, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to them, you are prohibited from using or accessing the site.

Company grants you a personal, not-transferable, revocable limited license to access and use this site for your own non-commercial entertainment purposes. Company remains the owner of all in-game items and site assets.

These Terms of Service can be updated at any time, and when updated, the changes take effect immediately. By using the site, you are agreeing to be bound by the current terms.

Accounts may be closed at any time, for any reason, with no opportunity for appeal.

Minimum Age

The site is made available only for users meeting the minimum age requirements for their country of residence (e.g., at least 13 years of age in the US and at least 13 to 16 years of age in the EU, depending on the country).

If you do not meet this minimum age, you must discontinue use of the site immediately. If you are found to be in violation of this rule, your account will be terminated without notice. By continuing to use the site, you are certifying that you are at least the minimum age.


Upon the registration of your account, you agree to provide accurate information, including your own legal date of birth and your own personal email address. This information must be kept up to date.

You agree to register a maximum of one (1) account per person. In addition, you agree that only one (1) person will have access to that account, and that it will not be permanently or temporarily shared, sold, traded, or given to another user.

Users are responsible for the safety and security of their own account. Do not share your login details or personal identifiable information with anyone for any reason and be sure that you have set a secure password. This includes sharing full legal name, address, phone number, and so on.

Behavior and Conduct

All users of this site must comply with state, local, or national laws. Any account found to be promoting or performing illegal activities on the site will be immediately closed.

All users are also bound to the Community Guidelines and agree to follow the rules therein. Failure to follow these Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines will result in the termination of the account with no compensation or refund.

Users are able to post their own content to the site's forums, profiles, and biography areas. Company is not responsible for content, links, or media posted/linked by users on the site or in the site’s forums. Users are responsible for their own posted content.

Intellectual Property

All artwork, writing, layout, coding, and worldbuilding of Pixel Cat’s End is copyrighted and may not be redistributed, sold, or otherwise used for profit. This includes both derivative works and custom items implemented into the game.

Users may repost images or screenshots of the site off-site if they are properly credited and a link back to the site is provided.

Users may also post or sell digital fan art/writing containing Company's intellectual property for in-game items or real-world currency assuming credit to the site is given.

Physical/tangible items containing Company's intellectual property may not be sold for real-world currency, and also may not be added to third-party print-service stores. However, physical/tangible items can be given away or sold for in-game items.

Users may make recolors or edits of site art assets, but these must be provided free-to-use or sold only for the Site's in-game items or currency. Recolors and edits of site assets may not be sold for real-world currency or the currency of other games. If recolors or edits are posted off-site, they must be properly credited with a link back to the site.

Sometimes users may post suggested features in the Dev Corner. By posting ideas or suggestions for the site in the Dev Corner, you agree to allow Company to use those suggestions or implement them without the need for compensation or credit.

Sales of In-Game Items

In-game items, cats, or belongings may not be sold or traded for real-world currency/items, or for the digital currency/items of other games or websites. Cross-site or ‘black market’ trading is strictly prohibited.

Selling art for in-game items or currency is allowed, but art must not be used as a roundabout way to make a cross-site trade. (For example, coordinating a multi-step trade where user A trades the currency of another game for art and then trades that same art for the currency of Pixel Cat's End. This would not be allowed as it is attempting to loophole the restrictions on cross-site trading.)

Accounts must exist and play the game independently of each other and no account should exist for the sole benefit of the other. Accounts found to be ‘funneling’ or excessively gifting items or resources to another in a one-sided way where there is no clear bi-directional equity, will be closed. This creates an unfair advantage to the user.

Custom Clothing and Decor

Users are able to submit their own clothing and decor designs to the site for addition to the game. Custom clothing and decor items that have been submitted and implemented into the game become the intellectual property of Company.

For this reason, no custom item submission may contain content that is copyrighted by another party. If it is found that you have submitted an item that contains stolen or copyrighted content, the item will be removed from the game and you will be unable to submit future custom item designs.

Once a custom item submission has been approved, it will be treated as described in the Intellectual Property and Sales of In-Game Items sections above. This includes the sections on linking to the site when posting these items off-site and the restrictions on real-world currency and cross-site trades.

Users may take real-world currency commissions to create custom clothing or decor items. These commissions must be negotiated on pixelcatsend.com (not an external site or chatroom) and may only be for real-world currency or the currency/items of Pixel Cat's End. They may not be negotiated for physical items or the items or currency of another game.

Commissions for custom item designs must occur before a custom clothing or decor item has been submitted to the queue. Once designs are implemented into the game as a custom item, they will be subject to the In-Game Sales policy and may not be sold or traded for real-world currency.

All custom clothing and decor submissions must follow the Custom Content Policy.

Premium Currency Purchases

Users are able to purchase "essence fragments" (a fictional in-game currency) for USD. As with all other in-game items, the purchase of premium currency grants the user a limited license to use those items. Company remains the owner of all in-game items and site assets.

Essence fragment purchases are final and non-refundable. Attempting to obtain free premium currency by issuing a chargeback or otherwise making a fraudulent transaction will result in the closure of your account.

Bots, Scripts, and Exploits

The use of third-party apps, scripts, bots, or other software is strictly prohibited. The use of software that is intended to play the game for you, designed to give an unfair advantage, or which creates an excessive amount of concurrent connections and may damage site stability, will result in the immediate termination of your account.

An exception to the above rule on third-party apps is accessibility-related applications designed to increase legibility of the site. For example, changing color display, text size, or font is okay, as are any screen-readers or other accessibility applications. Additionally, user-end CSS changes for aesthetic purposes are allowed if those changes are made exclusively to colors, fonts, and font sizes.

Users agree to not exploit bugs, glitches, or game mechanics for their benefit. If a feature is not working as intended, please contact us via email to inform us of this fact. Users found to be exploiting such things will have their accounts terminated.

Updates and Changes

All artwork, features, and aspects of this site may be changed or updated at any point. Items or features may be added or removed, and Company is not responsible for any losses as a result of these changes, additions, or removals.

Users are responsible for saving copies and back-ups of any content that they have posted to the site and the site is not responsible for any losses that occur due to updates, removal or loss of content, or downtime.

Last updated Aug 6, 2023

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