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TOPIC | Your not-cats pattern stats?

Not-cat with a tan mackerel shorthair coatlocket & toes white markings stern eyes. Gold Spiked CrownGold NecklaceGold BeltBerry Glittersilk ScarfBleeding Hearts Tail CorsageBleeding Hearts CrownGold Cuffs


Malanhir - The Bonefall


account age 7/9

Jul 27, 2022 11:28:51
What’s the pattern balance in your village?

I only have 12 cats, but I’ve got:

Lynxpoint: 2
Classic: 2
Broken: 1
Solid: 1
Mackerel: 6

It’s a very nice pattern but that’s a lot.
Not-cat with a black classic longhair coatlocket white markings neutral eyes. Silver NecklaceSilver Tail RingsDark ScytheFloating Obsidian ShardsSilver Glitterdust




account age 7/9

Jul 27, 2022 11:57:38
i also have very few notcats, buuut;

2 classic
4 mackerel
1 broken
1 lynx point
1 solid

i'm in a similar boat laughing it makes for a funny coincidence tho, since mackerel is also the most common tabby pattern irl!
Lineless pixel art of a simply-put-together scene reminiscent of the Ruins scenery. A long stretch of grass in the center has a large rock with runes on it, and underneath that, in the dirt and rock, is a stone cocoon. There is a smaller patch of grass on either side, both with a couple of trees, rocks, and twigs on them. It is animated to make the cocoon crack open and glow white, as well as the runes.
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Jul 27, 2022 12:00:13
Hmmm I've got!

Solid: 8
Rosette: 8
Mackerel: 29
Broken: 31
Classic: 21
Lynxpoint: 3
Clouded: 4
Colorpoint: 2
Spotted: 3
Cloudpoint: 1

And somehow still no Mink
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a cream lynxpoint longhair coatalmond lynxpoint trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings neutral eyes. Crocus Tail CorsageLight Feather BeltOldwood Bark ShieldCrocus NecklaceTasty CrocusKnifeCrocus Crownaaaaaaaaaa


Longtail Beach


account age 7/9

Jul 27, 2022 12:09:07
So far, I have:

Lynxpoint: 1
Classic: 1
Broken: 4
Mackerel: 3
Solid: 1 (hidden broken)
Rosette: 1
purpleheart Pixel art of three jazz themed posters, each one featuring a cat making some sort of music. The cat on the left is singing, the cat in the middle is playing the harp, and the final cat is playing the trumpet. purpleheart
Not-cat with a black lynxpoint shorthair coatspotted piebald / C7 white markings stern eyes.




account age 7/9

Jul 27, 2022 14:08:03
SOLID ---------------- : 0
LYNX POINT ------- : 1
ROSETTE ------------ : 4
CLOUD POINT ---- : 0
SPOTTED ----------- : 0
MINK ----------------- : 0
COLOR POINT ---- : 0

Not too wide of a spread! I'm hoping to get more variety as the game goes on :)
Not-cat with a smoke cloudpoint shorthair coatno white markings content eyes. Light Sheathed SwordUncut Quartz PendantsBlack Tulip NecklacePlain Silk BowtieCrown of Chamomile


Sheltered Garden


account age 7/9

Jul 27, 2022 14:16:50
Ooh, interesting. Lemme check.

Mackerel: 4
Broken: 3
Classic: 3
Cloudpoint: 2
Spotted: 2
Rosette: 1
Clouded: 1

Still pretty even for me, and with the beans sandbox it's easy to see what cats can have more varied looking offspring together.
Not-cat with a orange classic longhair coatvan / C9 white markings content eyes. Little Yellow Silk Bow RightRound Yellow-Tinted GlassesYellow Butterfly Swarm


Shimmer Springs


account age 8/9

Jul 27, 2022 14:19:55
surprising to see so many broken patterns
Mackerel - 8
Broken - 7
Classic - 5
Rosette - 2
Spotted - 1
Clouded - 1
Cloudpoint - 1
Not-cat with a almond cloudpoint longhair coatbeige cloudpoint trade markingslocket white markings uwu eyes. Blue Feather PendantsWhite Lily Petal WhirlForget-me-not Petal WhirlSilver Glitterdust




account age 7/9

Jul 30, 2022 3:29:02
Classic - 8
Mackerel - 6
Broken - 2
Spotted - 1
Cloudpoint - 1
Lynxpoint - 1
my double u key is broken
Not-cat with a choco rosette shorthair coatno white markings sleepy eyes. Aro ScarfGreen Dianthus Petal WhirlSilly Green Squid HatUncut Emerald CrownRight Gloomy Hearts Earring


Springrain Village


account age 7/9

Jul 30, 2022 8:42:15
I've got:

1 Cloudpoint (my custom)
5 Broken
2 Classic
1 Mackerel

Yeah, sorry I have 9 cats total. Nestor's given me only 3 cats, and my cats REFUSE to even be friends with each other. squint I haven't gotten a change in relationship from scenarios since my first week here crying
wooo i’m quartz!!! sparklesgem3
been so long since i last made a sig… i’m here for this!!!
Not-cat with a choco mackerel shorthair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings neutral eyes. Dark Ear ScarsDark Tail ScarsRed Wool ScarfCrossbowRight Green Fantail Pigeon FriendRed Butterfly SwarmBest Friend White Bun


The Hallows


account age 8/9

Aug 2, 2022 12:19:59
Currently I have:

2 Solid
11 Mackerel (includes custom)
11 Classic
1 Clouded
10 Broken
5 Rosette
2 Spotted
2 Colourpoint
0 Cloud point
0 Lynx point
0 Mink

yes I have a lot of cats lol

side note but I really want to get a lynx point someday
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