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TOPIC | Trinkets & Gathering Quick Reference

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Oct 30, 2022 16:05:26
Trinkets play an important role in boosting your cats' performances for both Adventuring and Gathering. Here is a quick reference on how to best assign them to your cats or Gathering.

Personality Brackets

1-3: -2
4-7: +0
8-10: +2

Going below 1 or above 10 doesn't add any additional modifier. They are reversed when "low energy" is used.

Physical Brackets

0-3: -4
4-6: -3
7-9: -2
10-12: -1
13-14: +0
15-16: +1
17-18: +2
19-20: +3
21-22: +4
23-24: +5
25-26: +6
27-28: +7

As a rule of thumb for increasing your cat's modifier starting at the 13-14 bracket, you can think of it like this:
  1. If it's even, +1 or +3.
  2. If it's odd, +2.

As of right now, the maximum modifier a cat can have naturally is a base of +9 if they have 27 in the physical stat used and 8-10 (1-3 for low energy jobs) in the personality stat used for the job. This means the maximum modifier a cat can naturally have for a job is +13 if they reach level 5. Mayor and Student boosts can further boost a cat's modifier.

Remember that modifiers only affect the bottom of the range a cat can roll. For example, a cat with a +7 modifier will roll between 8 and 20. A cat with a -4 modifier will roll between -3 and 20.
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