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TOPIC | Expanded City Shops

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The Not-Village



Jul 16, 2023 9:18:41
update banner for new city shops, featuring new pride items and theatre items

This update brings two new city shops, a large pile of new pride items, and an assortment of adventuring changes and new content. Since content can be added live, new items will be going in live over the course of the day!

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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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The Not-Village



Jul 16, 2023 9:39:08
cash Black Market City Shop

Has that gathering-exclusive clothing or decor item been eluding you? It is now possible to get it through the Black Market, the clothing/decor version of Whiskers' Wares. Knife will stock one clothing and one decor item from each tier 1 gathering occupation at a time, priced as follows:

Hunter: 300 notes
Gatherer: 250 notes
Miner: 350 notes
Fisher: 300 notes
Bug Catcher: 300 notes
Gardener: 500 notes
Herbalist: 500 notes
Farmer: 500 notes
Flockherd: 450 notes

Out of season items will be marked up x3 similarly to the materials at Whiskers'. Your Merchant's ability to moderate the out-of-season mark-up applies here as well.

Stocks will refresh every 6 hours.

Visit the Black Market

flames Gardenhome City Theatre

Our first City Shop that takes essence fragments (premium currency) is now live! There will be more items in this set, as well as some corresponding decor, but here is a start!

clothingDark Musical Atmosphere
clothingLight Musical Atmosphere
clothingPurple Pizzazz
clothingYellow Pizzazz
clothingGreen Pizzazz
clothingEdgy Pizzazz
clothingOrange Pizzazz
clothingRed Pizzazz
clothingBlue Pizzazz
clothingSilver Pizzazz
clothingFabulous Purple Aura
clothingFabulous Yellow Aura
clothingFabulous Green Aura
clothingFabulous Edgy Aura
clothingFabulous Orange Aura
clothingFabulous Red Aura
clothingFabulous Blue Aura
clothingFabulous Silver Aura
clothingYellow Shooting Star
clothingBlue Shooting Star
clothingSilver Shooting Star
clothingYellow Starstruck
clothingBlue Starstruck
clothingSilver Starstruck
clothingHeart Bubble
clothingExclamation Bubble
clothingEllipses Bubble
clothingQuestion Bubble
clothingEloquent Statement
clothingCareful Conversation
clothingBrief Monologue
clothingPrimary Rainbow
clothingSecondary Rainbow
clothingImaginary Rain
clothingEvil Imaginary Rain
clothingPow! Explosions!
clothingBam! Magic!
clothingBoom! Fireworks!

Other uses of essence fragments will include custom usermade clothing/decor items and the item that will turn your cats into mercats when they release. So you can plan ahead and save, the item to transform a not-cat into a mercat will be priced at 100 essence fragments, or $10.

The essence fragment economy is likely going to be extremely volatile right now. Since they cannot yet be purchased, the supply will be fairly low. This is very likely to shift once they are purchaseable.

Visit the Gardenhome City Theatre

transcat Pawful Prides Expansion

Raine and Bow are now stocking 19 new pride flag sets! I went through all of the suggested pride flags sent to me via email and in the forum thread and started going through the list from most to least suggested, until I ran out of time. Eventually, I'll do another batch, but this is what I had time for for now! Please do keep suggesting flags!

clothingHeld Aroace Flag A
clothingHeld Agender Flag
clothingHeld Aroace Flag B
clothingHeld Genderqueer Flag
clothingHeld Vincian Flag
clothingHeld Intersex Flag
clothingHeld Sapphic Flag
clothingHeld Achillean Flag
clothingHeld Demigirl Flag
clothingHeld Demiboy Flag
clothingHeld Deminonbinary Flag
clothingHeld Demisexual Flag
clothingHeld Demiromantic Flag
clothingHeld Xenogender Flag
clothingHeld Catgender Flag
clothingHeld Bigender Flag
clothingHeld Maverique Flag
clothingHeld Poly Flag
clothingHeld Queer Flag
clothingAroace Scarf A
clothingAgender Scarf
clothingAroace Scarf B
clothingGenderqueer Scarf
clothingVincian Scarf
clothingIntersex Scarf
clothingSapphic Scarf
clothingAchillean Scarf
clothingDemigirl Scarf
clothingDemiboy Scarf
clothingDeminonbinary Scarf
clothingDemisexual Scarf
clothingDemiromantic Scarf
clothingXenogender Scarf
clothingCatgender Scarf
clothingBigender Scarf
clothingMaverique Scarf
clothingPoly Scarf
clothingQueer Scarf
clothingAroace Streamers A
clothingAgender Streamers
clothingAroace Streamers B
clothingGenderqueer Streamers
clothingVincian Streamers
clothingIntersex Streamers
clothingSapphic Streamers
clothingAchillean Streamers
clothingDemigirl Streamers
clothingDemiboy Streamers
clothingDeminonbinary Streamers
clothingDemisexual Streamers
clothingDemiromantic Streamers
clothingXenogender Streamers
clothingCatgender Streamers
clothingBigender Streamers
clothingMaverique Streamers
clothingPoly Streamers
clothingQueer Streamers
decorAroace Banner A
decorAgender Banner
decorAroace Banner B
decorGenderqueer Banner
decorVincian Banner
decorIntersex Banner
decorSapphic Banner
decorAchillean Banner
decorDemigirl Banner
decorDemiboy Banner
decorDeminonbinary Banner
decorDemisexual Banner
decorDemiromantic Banner
decorXenogender Banner
decorCatgender Banner
decorBigender Banner
decorMaverique Banner
decorPoly Banner
decorQueer Banner
decorAroace Pride Flag A
decorHanging Aroace Flag A
decorAgender Pride Flag
decorHanging Agender Flag
decorAroace Pride Flag B
decorHanging Aroace Flag B
decorGenderqueer Pride Flag
decorHanging Genderqueer Flag
decorVincian Pride Flag
decorHanging Vincian Flag
decorIntersex Pride Flag
decorHanging Intersex Flag
decorSapphic Pride Flag
decorHanging Sapphic Flag
decorAchillean Pride Flag
decorHanging Achillean Flag
decorDemigirl Pride Flag
decorHanging Demigirl Flag
decorDemiboy Pride Flag
decorHanging Demiboy Flag
decorDeminonbinary Pride Flag
decorHanging Deminonbinary Flag
decorDemisexual Pride Flag
decorHanging Demisexual Flag
decorDemiromantic Pride Flag
decorHanging Demiromantic Flag
decorXenogender Pride Flag
decorHanging Xenogender Flag
decorCatgender Pride Flag
decorHanging Catgender Flag
decorBigender Pride Flag
decorHanging Bigender Flag
decorMaverique Pride Flag
decorHanging Maverique Flag
decorPoly Pride Flag
decorHanging Poly Flag
decorQueer Pride Flag
decorHanging Queer Flag

(Bow is now less shy... slightly.... You may need to clear your cache to see aer.)

Some small fixes also rolled out to some of the pride clothing items:
- Held Aro Flag (extra white stripe)
- Hanging Aro Flag (greens out of order)
- Genderfluid Banner (extra purple stripe in looping patterns)
- Genderfluid Scarf (extra purple stripe in looping patterns)
- Genderfluid Streamers (extra purple stripe in looping patterns)
- Some of the flags that were cut off at the bottom have been corrected, but not all

You will need to clear your cache for the changes to show.

Additionally, the prices at the pride shop have been permanently dropped by 250 notes.

Visit Prideful Paws Clothiers

rally Adventuring Changes

A few small clean-up items have been added to the adventuring system:

- You can now disable some confirmation menus in your account settings. Because this causes the game to skip over the checkbox for using gear for movement, a global checkbox appears when you select this option. A more elegant solution is planned, but is a more time consuming change.

- To make it so you don't need to check the box every single time, you can now default all gear checkboxes to start as checked in your account settings.

- The pathfinding system for failed rolls has been reworked. You should no longer stop in unusual places that don't make sense.

I have also made a few small experimental changes to Monster AI to see what that does to how they behave as follows:

- Monsters now have a slightly stronger preference for closer targets when attacking cats. This should make them less distracted by the low-health support classes standing behind your fighter/guardian.

- Monsters now prioritize themselves significantly less when considering support options. This should encourage them to be less selfish when using their support skills (aka make them stop only ever healing themselves).

- Monsters can now smell when cats are nearby, even if they are not in an adjacent square. This should make them seem less shy/skittish.

writing New Scenarios and Letters

I have completed the first review of the Scenario and Letter Submissions thread. 25 Mail Entries and 25 Scenarios were selected and the users who wrote them have been notified. Rewards will be going out of the course of the day.

New Scenario Writers: @Bear @Celes @chirpie @darkkorn @Duke @Elfydragon @Gulfie @Insectoid @jellyjam @Nae @notdog @paopuleaf @Samkat @SpiritOwl @Zav

New Letter Writers: @chirpie @CyberjenicPanda @Elfydragon @jellyjam @LapisZap @Leslie @mirage @Nae @Notos @oakleaf @quartz @Quid @Salem @Sallin @Vice @Zanerak21

If your scenario/letter wasn't chosen in this round, that doesn't mean it can't be chosen in a future round! There were some excellent scenarios that were skipped over either:

a) because there was not space in the round or
b) because some of the option 3 personality types were way more popular to write for than others. I try to keep the personalities balanced in scenarios so cats have a somewhat equal chance of getting the third prompt.

These scenarios may be revisited in the next review, which will take place in November!

The new content will be entered over the course of the next week! I will also be adding 18 scenarios I wrote myself when adding the others.

OSHAapproved Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where mayor and other specialty occupations on the village lodge pages were loading in squished and strange when users did not have the icons enabled in account settings

- Adding a slash / to the end of the profile url no longer breaks the the "exp bar / battery"

- Adding extra characters to the end of the profile url on your own profile no longer makes it look like it is not your profile

- Adding extra characters to the url when blocking players no longer allows you to block yourself, locking yourself out of most of the site

- Profile comments now have a scrollbar if they are too long, instead of getting cut off

- Partially fixed issue where pausing/unpausing music in boss battle cancels umbragrove song (requires page refresh to work)

- Fixed pathfinding issue on failed movement attempts

uwusparkles What's next?

- Leaf Day is the next event and will take place from Oct 8th - 14th.

- Continued clean-up

- Custom clothing/decor
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

Jul 16, 2023 9:56:00
omg live updaterally
i LOVE the black market..perfect feature and i’m so excited to see what the ef stuffs gonna be
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forum helper

Jul 16, 2023 9:58:02
cryinghugThe Black Market beloved!! Thank you Knife!! This update is so exciting, thank you for all of your hard work cryinghug
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Fox Lake


account age 7/9

Jul 16, 2023 9:58:33
Thank you. So. Much. cryingfeels
gardenhelperpce +0 - (prev doobootron)
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(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

Jul 16, 2023 9:58:38
Yay! Thanks for all your hard work!

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account age 7/9

Jul 16, 2023 9:59:06
omg!!! knife's back!!!! thnak you so much for this update squid hugcryinghughug
a tiny doodle of cupcake by wooloo#3054PCE+12
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account age 7/9

Jul 16, 2023 10:00:01
this is great

edit: squid what have you done. i will never be the same after this
-- Last edited on Jul 16, 2023 12:09:50
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Jul 16, 2023 10:00:24
Yay!! Thank you for the update hug
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(any pronouns)

account age 8/9

Jul 16, 2023 10:05:39
WOOOOO cheerprideflagtransflagsparkleparty LETS GO KNIFE !!!
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