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TOPIC | The Second Snowmelt!

Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Dec 16, 2023 17:11:41
two cats working at a flower gift shop

Snowmelt will run from December 17 - December 23
Spring is here and not-cats everywhere are celebrating the start of the New Year with flowers, treats, and lots of wishes. This event brings the coloring contest springsnails, a large number of flower recolor items, and other event-exclusive activities!

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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Dec 16, 2023 17:14:49
snowmeltstampImportant Note: Snowmelt activities will become available at midnight. This update was posted early (before the start of the event) as I do not typically stay up that late.

flower2 Special Snowmelt Item Drops

Special Snowmelt-exclusive flower recolor clothing, decor and adventuring snacks are dropping for this week in Gathering, Daily Scenarios, Adventuring, and the Post Office. These items will return every year.

NEW Flower Decor

Note: The "standard" colors of the new flower garland items will be available all year round, while the recolors will be Snowmelt-exclusive

decorRed Carnation Garland
decorTiger Lily Garland
decorGreen Dianthus Garland
decorPeriwinkle Garland
decorViolet Garland
decorBlack Tulip Garland
decorDaisy Garland
decorSunflower Garland
decorBleeding Hearts Garland
decorPink Carnation Garland
decorYellow Carnation Garland
decorRed Lily Garland
decorWhite Lily Garland
decorWine Dianthus Garland
decorLavender Dianthus Garland
decorWhite Periwinkle Garland
decorPink Periwinkle Garland
decorYellow Violet Garland
decorBlack Violet Garland
decorOrange Tulip Garland
decorRainbow Tulip Garland
decorGloomy Hearts Garland
decorRainy Hearts Garland
decorWatercolor Daisy Garland
decorBlue Daisy Garland
decorOrange Sunflower Garland
decorDark Sunflower Garland

Returning Items

clothingPink Carnation Crown
clothingYellow Carnation Crown
clothingRed Lily Crown
clothingWhite Lily Crown
clothingWine Dianthus Crown
clothingLavender Dianthus Crown
clothingWhite Periwinkle Crown
clothingPink Periwinkle Crown
clothingYellow Violet Crown
clothingBlack Violet Crown
clothingOrange Tulip Crown
clothingRainbow Tulip Crown
clothingGloomy Hearts Crown
clothingRainy Hearts Crown
clothingBlue Daisy Crown
clothingWatercolor Daisy Crown
clothingOrange Sunflower Crown
clothingDark Sunflower Crown
clothingLeft Pink Carnation Headpiece
clothingLeft Yellow Carnation Headpiece
clothingLeft Red Lily Headpiece
clothingLeft White Lily Headpiece
clothingLeft Wine Dianthus Headpiece
clothingLeft Lavender Dianthus Headpiece
clothingLeft White Periwinkle Headpiece
clothingLeft Pink Periwinkle Headpiece
clothingLeft Yellow Violet Headpiece
clothingLeft Black Violet Headpiece
clothingLeft Orange Tulip Headpiece
clothingLeft Rainbow Tulip Headpiece
clothingLeft Gloomy Hearts Earring
clothingLeft Rainy Hearts Earring
clothingLeft Blue Daisy Headpiece
clothingLeft Watercolor Daisy Headpiece
clothingLeft Orange Sunflower Headpiece
clothingLeft Dark Sunflower Headpiece
clothingRight Pink Carnation Headpiece
clothingRight Yellow Carnation Headpiece
clothingRight Red Lily Headpiece
clothingRight White Lily Headpiece
clothingRight Wine Dianthus Headpiece
clothingRight Lavender Dianthus Headpiece
clothingRight White Periwinkle Headpiece
clothingRight Pink Periwinkle Headpiece
clothingRight Yellow Violet Headpiece
clothingRight Black Violet Headpiece
clothingRight Orange Tulip Headpiece
clothingRight Rainbow Tulip Headpiece
clothingRight Gloomy Hearts Earring
clothingRight Rainy Hearts Earring
clothingRight Blue Daisy Headpiece
clothingRight Watercolor Daisy Headpiece
clothingRight Orange Sunflower Headpiece
clothingRight Dark Sunflower Headpiece
clothingTasty Pink Carnation
clothingTasty Yellow Carnation
clothingTasty Red Lily
clothingTasty White Lily
clothingTasty Wine Dianthus
clothingTasty Lavender Dianthus
clothingTasty White Periwinkle Bouquet
clothingTasty Pink Periwinkle Bouquet
clothingTasty Yellow Violet Bouquet
clothingTasty Black Violet Bouquet
clothingTasty Orange Tulip
clothingTasty Rainbow Tulip
clothingTasty Gloomy Hearts
clothingTasty Rainy Hearts
clothingTasty Blue Daisy
clothingTasty Watercolor Daisy
clothingTasty Orange Sunflower
clothingTasty Dark Sunflower
clothingPink Carnation Necklace
clothingYellow Carnation Necklace
clothingRed Lily Necklace
clothingWhite Lily Necklace
clothingWine Dianthus Necklace
clothingLavender Dianthus Necklace
clothingWhite Periwinkle Necklace
clothingPink Periwinkle Necklace
clothingYellow Violet Necklace
clothingBlack Violet Necklace
clothingOrange Tulip Necklace
clothingRainbow Tulip Necklace
clothingGloomy Hearts Necklace
clothingRainy Hearts Necklace
clothingBlue Daisy Necklace
clothingWatercolor Daisy Necklace
clothingOrange Sunflower Necklace
clothingDark Sunflower Necklace
clothingPink Carnation Tail Corsage
clothingYellow Carnation Tail Corsage
clothingRed Lily Tail Corsage
clothingWhite Lily Tail Corsage
clothingWine Dianthus Tail Corsage
clothingLavender Dianthus Tail Corsage
clothingWhite Periwinkle Tail Corsage
clothingPink Periwinkle Tail Corsage
clothingYellow Violet Tail Corsage
clothingBlack Violet Tail Corsage
clothingOrange Tulip Tail Corsage
clothingRainbow Tulip Tail Corsage
clothingGloomy Hearts Tail Corsage
clothingRainy Hearts Tail Corsage
clothingBlue Daisy Tail Corsage
clothingWatercolor Daisy Tail Corsage
clothingOrange Sunflower Tail Corsage
clothingDark Sunflower Tail Corsage
clothingPink Carnation Petal Whirl
clothingYellow Carnation Petal Whirl
clothingRed Lily Petal Whirl
clothingWhite Lily Petal Whirl
clothingWine Dianthus Petal Whirl
clothingLavender Dianthus Petal Whirl
clothingWhite Periwinkle Petal Whirl
clothingPink Periwinkle Petal Whirl
clothingYellow Violet Petal Whirl
clothingBlack Violet Petal Whirl
clothingOrange Tulip Petal Whirl
clothingRainbow Tulip Petal Whirl
clothingGloomy Hearts Petal Whirl
clothingRainy Hearts Petal Whirl
clothingBlue Daisy Petal Whirl
clothingWatercolor Daisy Petal Whirl
clothingOrange Sunflower Petal Whirl
clothingDark Sunflower Petal Whirl
decorSingle Pink Carnation
decorPatch of Pink Carnations
decorLarge Pink Carnation Planter
decorClay Pink Carnation Pot
decorTiny Pink Carnation Pot
decorHanging Pink Carnation Pot
decorSingle Yellow Carnation
decorPatch of Yellow Carnations
decorLarge Yellow Carnation Planter
decorClay Yellow Carnation Pot
decorTiny Yellow Carnation Pot
decorHanging Yellow Carnation Pot
decorSingle Red Lily
decorPatch of Red Lilies
decorLarge Red Lily Planter
decorClay Red Lily Pot
decorTiny Red Lily Pot
decorHanging Red Lily Pot
decorSingle White Lily
decorPatch of White Lilies
decorLarge White Lily Planter
decorClay White Lily Pot
decorTiny White Lily Pot
decorHanging White Lily Pot
decorSingle Wine Dianthus
decorPatch of Wine Dianthus
decorLarge Wine Dianthus Planter
decorClay Wine Dianthus Pot
decorTiny Wine Dianthus Pot
decorHanging Wine Dianthus Pot
decorSingle Lavender Dianthus
decorPatch of Lavender Dianthus
decorLarge Lavender Dianthus Planter
decorClay Lavender Dianthus Pot
decorTiny Lavender Dianthus Pot
decorHanging Lavender Dianthus Pot
decorSingle White Periwinkle
decorPatch of White Periwinkles
decorLarge White Periwinkle Planter
decorClay White Periwinkle Pot
decorTiny White Periwinkle Pot
decorHanging White Periwinkle Pot
decorSingle Pink Periwinkle
decorPatch of Pink Periwinkles
decorLarge Pink Periwinkle Planter
decorClay Pink Periwinkle Pot
decorTiny Pink Periwinkle Pot
decorHanging Pink Periwinkle Pot
decorSingle Yellow Violet
decorPatch of Yellow Violets
decorLarge Yellow Violet Planter
decorClay Yellow Violet Pot
decorTiny Yellow Violet Pot
decorHanging Yellow Violet Pot
decorSingle Black Violet
decorPatch of Black Violets
decorLarge Black Violet Planter
decorClay Black Violet Pot
decorTiny Black Violet Pot
decorHanging Black Violet Pot
decorSingle Rainbow Tulip
decorPatch of Rainbow Tulips
decorLarge Rainbow Tulip Planter
decorClay Rainbow Tulip Pot
decorTiny Rainbow Tulip Pot
decorHanging Rainbow Tulip Pot
decorSingle Gloomy Hearts
decorPatch of Gloomy Hearts
decorLarge Gloomy Hearts Planter
decorClay Gloomy Hearts Pot
decorTiny Gloomy Hearts Pot
decorHanging Gloomy Hearts Pot
decorSingle Rainy Hearts
decorPatch of Rainy Hearts
decorLarge Rainy Hearts Planter
decorClay Rainy Hearts Pot
decorTiny Rainy Hearts Pot
decorHanging Rainy Hearts Pot
decorSingle Blue Daisy
decorPatch of Blue Daisies
decorLarge Blue Daisy Planter
decorClay Blue Daisy Pot
decorTiny Blue Daisy Pot
decorHanging Blue Daisy Pot
decorSingle Watercolor Daisy
decorPatch of Watercolor Daisies
decorLarge Watercolor Daisy Planter
decorClay Watercolor Daisy Pot
decorTiny Watercolor Daisy Pot
decorHanging Watercolor Daisy Pot
decorSingle Orange Sunflower
decorPatch of Orange Sunflowers
decorLarge Orange Sunflower Planter
decorClay Orange Sunflower Pot
decorTiny Orange Sunflower Pot
decorHanging Orange Sunflower Pot
decorSingle Dark Sunflower
decorPatch of Dark Sunflowers
decorLarge Dark Sunflower Planter
decorClay Dark Sunflower Pot
decorTiny Dark Sunflower Pot
decorHanging Dark Sunflower Pot
decorSingle Orange Tulip
decorPatch of Orange Tulips
decorLarge Orange Tulip Planter
decorClay Orange Tulip Pot
decorTiny Orange Tulip Pot
decorHanging Orange Tulip Pot

gearSnowmelt Macarons
gearThree-Layer Candies
gearFlower Cookies
gearWintermint Sugar Jellies
gearDandelion Sugar Jellies
gearTaffy Rolls
gearDandelion Lollipop
gearWildflower Lollipop

snowmeltstamp Snowmelt Stamp Mini-Currency

Get Snowmelt Stamps through your dailies, or by sending a card using the Snowmelt Messenger Services. Snowmelt Stamps can be redeemed for collectables, snacks, and more at the Snowmelt Flower Market.
specialSnowmelt Stamps

candy Coloring Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted your wonderful springsnails! As always, we agonized over the decision trying to get it down to 16. Congratulations to the 16 winners!

collectablesCalico Springsnail
collectablesSpringsnail Mail
collectablesNew Life Springsnail
collectablesChamomile Honey Springsnail
collectablesMatcha Milk Tea Springsnail
collectablesApple Springsnail
collectablesSneppermint Springsnail
collectablesPondering the Springsnail Snorb
collectablesTeal Springsnail
collectablesSuper-Sweet Springsnail
collectablesUnicorn Springsnail
collectablesBottle Springsnail
collectablesCopper-Coated Springsnail
collectablesUnfinished Painted Springsnail
collectablesSnaxi Cab Springsnail
collectablesAndroid Springsnail

@Pigeom (Calico Springsnail)
@caecilius (Springsnail Mail)
@Joshiepopop (New Life Springsnail)
@lastwazy (Chamomile Honey Springsnail)
@Zinfandel (Matcha Milk Tea Springsnail)
@Minccino (Apple Springsnail)
@spacialrift (Sneppermint Springsnail)
@LeaIsa (Pondering the Springsnail Snorb)
@Kieren (Teal Springsnail)
@Duffleglump (Super-Sweet Springsnail)
@zir (Unicorn Springsnail)
@Krookodile (Bottle Springsnail)
@blebb (Copper-Coated Springsnail)
@Rurus (Unfinished Painted Springsnail)
@Nestor (Snaxi Cab Springsnail)
@Vero (Android Springsnail)

Since choosing is so hard, we did choose an additional 12 "honorable mentions." We'll be sending a small number of essence fragments over to these users as a bonus treat! Special shoutout to these users!

@MarshSiren (Patchwork Springsnail)
@xinhe (Notebook Springsnail)
@smores (Snorman the Normal Springsnail)
@SpiritOwl (The Wishing Springsnail)
@L1teralsatan (Sunrise Springsnail)
@Mintkit (Trinket Jar Springsnail)
@Olm (Badly Coloured Springsnail)
@larva (Petri Dish Springsnail)
@Amorii (Boardwalk Springsnail)
@scout (Fishbowl Springsnaill)
@Kishinyu (False-Eyed Springsnail)
@PrinceofMoths (Fox Springsnail)

All of the users above will get a PM from me tomorrow (December 17th) with information about prizes.

Note: The springsnails will be soft retired after this week.

gem3 Soft-Retired Springshrews

The Springshrews from the First Snowmelt will be returning this week with very, very low odds (you may or may not get one). These odds have been tentatively set at 1:500 for the start, but this is most likely too rare and will need to be adjusted over the course of the week as I evaluate how much time people are spending on the activities.

basket Snowmelt-Themed Dailies

For this week only, many activities will have special flavortext and events.

- All cats have a 50% chance of bringing a Snowmelt item home during their day job.

- There are Snowmelt-exclusive social scenarios which drop Snowmelt items. In addition, the odds of a cat forming a new relationship are increased this week.

- There are Snowmelt-themed letters at the post office and users are guaranteed to get at least one Snowmelt-themed letter a day.

- Each battle in Adventuring has a chance of having a special Snowmelt crate in it with special Snowmelt items. Note: The odds of encountering this are twice as high as they were for the first Snowmelt and Leaf Day.

glitter Event Hub Activities

There are two event activities over at the Event Hub. Make sure to check them out!

envelope Snowmelt Messenger Service
Visit NPCs Dandelion (orange cat) and Cauliflower (tan cat) to decorate your very own Snowmelt greeting card and send it to a friend, a stranger, or even yourself.

There are three options for sending cards, and with each you get to decorate the card and pick a type of flower item and a poem by the fantastic @argante. Bury everyone you know in flowers and engage in the greatest flower fight of all time.

Options include:

- Sending a gift to a specific user costs 25 notes. You receive a Snowmelt Stamp and your recipient receives a flower item of the type you chose.

- Sponsoring a gift from the NPCs to a random active user costs 25 notes. You receive a Snowmelt Stamp and Dandelion and Cauliflower will send a card and gift to a random user.

- Treating yourself with a Snowmelt Card costs 50 notes because you will receive both the Snowmelt Stamp and the gift item.

snowmeltstamp Snowmelt Flower Market
RNG not cooperating? You can purchase all of the Snowmelt-exclusive items at the Snowmelt Flower Market. Clothing and decor are available for notes. Snacks, collectables, and more are available exclusively for Snowmelt Stamps.

gardenhelper Snowmelt Flower Market Exclusives

Were you wondering what Acorn's been up to for the last year? Well, as it turns out, she's taken up cross-stitch. If you have extra Snowmelt stamps from sending way too many cards, she'll sell you some of her cross-stitch flowers for 4 stamps each. These will return every year as a shop-exclusive item:

decorCross-stitch Carnation
decorCross-stitch Lily
decorCross-stitch Sunflower
decorCross-stitch Dianthus
decorCross-stitch Periwinkle
decorCross-stitch Violet
decorCross-stitch Tulip
decorCross-stitch Bleeding Hearts
decorCross-stitch Daisy

stick Not-Snowmelt New Craftscat Crafts

Unrelated to Snowmelt, a new craftable item set is now available in the craftscat menu! These "pillar" items have a versatile use as support beams, posts for your hanging flower planters and garlands, bird feeders, or street lanterns.

decorAsymmetrical Hardwood Pillar
decorSymmetrical Hardwood Pillar
decorPlain Hardwood Pillar
decorAsymmetrical Oldwood Pillar
decorSymmetrical Oldwood Pillar
decorPlain Oldwood Pillar
decorAsymmetrical Darkwood Pillar
decorSymmetrical Darkwood Pillar
decorPlain Darkwood Pillar
decorAsymmetrical Lightwood Pillar
decorSymmetrical Lightwood Pillar
decorPlain Lightwood Pillar

glitter Want to support the site?

Do you like pixel cats? Do you like pixel cats and have a spare $4? Consider sponsoring an ad slot at the bottom of the page to show off a collage of your kitties or a silly drawing of your choice. You can purchase a sponsorship slot on ko-fi!

The site is currently less than $150 short of breaking even on covering all of this year's server and maintenance costs. With your help, we can make that a flat $0 of loss.

artrally After Snowmelt?

We are approaching the best time of the year! That time being the time I get 2 full weeks off of my irl job and can work on the site full-time. This year's goal is to finish the custom content system and get as close to finishing mercats as possible.
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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Dec 16, 2023 19:53:54
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Wallflower Towne


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Dec 16, 2023 19:56:27
sparkleparty Woo Snowmelt! And congrats to all the winners!
Hi, sorry! I am so so busy lately. If you need something just PM me, I normally always respond!
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Dec 16, 2023 19:58:06
Yippie!! sparkleparty
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Dec 16, 2023 19:58:32
button with cat head that says custom contentbutton with cat head that says cat saleshttps://i.imgur.com/Ebugq8e.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/kKKkTTT.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/nieJlDF.png
Verdale on Poppy Seed Pets!
Here for the cats Pixel Art of Anaatel
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Dec 16, 2023 19:59:22
Yippee I'm so excited!!
https://64.media.tumblr.com/8f7b0c267c37c71f1a70feadb10cec56/d755819e95e353e9-9e/s100x200/250f793eadc40837f3d08d263b85e9154288145b.png pce +11!!
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horseshoe overlook


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Dec 16, 2023 20:00:12
so excited !!! congrats to the winners
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if you've pinged/messaged me and I haven't responded feel free to do it again, i have a habit of forgetting
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Dec 16, 2023 20:03:57

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Junction Felis

(any pronouns)

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Dec 16, 2023 20:06:19
Woohoo happy new year ! ! Congratulations to all the winners this snowmelt sparkleparty
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