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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair black rosette catwhiteness: 0neutral eyesRainbow SmokeRainbow Glitterdust




account age 7/9

User ID: 1069

Join Date: 2022-05-08

Birthday: August 29

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Rose/Pastel β˜… She/Her/Any β˜… 27

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Moonlight Village is a peaceful and quaint community that values kinship over everything else. Friendly as can be, this Village holds it arms open for travelers and visitors alike. Each season the Village loves hosting festivals and interacting with the other communities around them.
They pride themselves in being self-sufficient but do trade resources on occasion for more niche items. With a strong adventuring team, they have plenty of monster loot to exchange. Each not-cat has a role that they fill to ensure that everyone is taken care of.
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Feb 18, 2023 20:29:58
hug HELLO :)
longhair choco mackerel catwith trade markings: ginger mackerelwhiteness: 0right eyesBerry Glittersilk SashesNot-Holly NecklaceNot-Holly Tail CorsageWine Dianthus Petal Whirl

Jan 6, 2023 0:03:30
snowflakesglittercatmint!!! beans1
shorthair black lynxpoint catwith trade markings: choco lynxpointwhiteness: 4stern eyesSilver SmokeOrange Hunter's ScarfBleeding Hearts Petal WhirlRock NecklaceCat-tato on Head

Jan 2, 2023 7:10:25
Catmint!! Cantmint catmint catmint

shorthair orange mackerel catwhiteness: 1danger eyesaaaaaaaaaa

Dec 25, 2022 20:47:37
sparkles catmint ! glitter
shorthair black solid catwhiteness: 0neutral eyesWoven Grass CrownTasty Pink WildflowerSapphire SmokeRainbow Moustache

Dec 19, 2022 20:48:26
longhair red mackerel catwhiteness: 7sleepy eyesRound Green-Tinted GlassesTan Floral ShawlOrange Floating HeartRight Dark Sunflower HeadpieceRunestone PendantCalico Isopod Buddies

Dec 19, 2022 5:43:19
the art on ur page is so cute .... cryingfeels
shorthair smoke mackerel catwhiteness: 2content eyesRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendChamomile GarlandRainbow SmokeRainbow Cloud of Hearts

Dec 13, 2022 23:45:31
Catmint, both beloved and bedeviled
longhair snow cloudpoint catwhiteness: 2content eyesAqua Snail on Head

Dec 5, 2022 22:18:36
flowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowers CATMINT >:) flowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowersflowers
shorthair red broken catwith trade markings: black brokenwhiteness: 6stern eyesCaulimeower Crownaaaaaaaaaa

Dec 5, 2022 19:35:03
nooo!! i wont share my catmint >:)) flames
shorthair ginger mackerel catwhiteness: 2stern eyesaaaaaaaaaa

Dec 5, 2022 7:42:51
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