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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a aprico clouded shorthair coattan clouded trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings right eyes. Light Ear ScarsLight Left Eye ScarIron ArmorBlue Geometric ShawlIron KneepadsForget-me-not Tail CorsageHardwood SwordHardwood Bark ArmorHardwood Bark ShieldLight Tail ScarsBlue Fish on HeadRight Forget-me-not Headpiece



account age 5/9

User ID: 15026

Join Date: 2023-10-21

Birthday: unlisted

Village Profile

Not-cat with a silver broken longhair coatnose & toes white markings sleepy eyes. Lavender Glittersilk Leg SilksRunestone TangleIron Claws of SlicingLavender Glittersilk VeilLavender Glittersilk Tail Silks[Custom] Glorious Googly EyesSilver Spiked Crown

Feb 16, 2024 8:43:54
thank you for giving growly a new home!!! :D
Not-cat with a black mackerel shorthair coatred mackerel trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings squint eyes. Purple Wool ScarfBumblebeesTasty Stick

Feb 15, 2024 7:51:48
Clover and Cicely are happy that Hickory is happy feels
Not-cat with a almond lynxpoint longhair coatno white markings neutral eyes. Light Leather Shoes[Custom] Lavender Hoodie[Custom] Strawberry Wild Hair[Custom] Devil CostumeCave FliesKitty Squash Buddy

Feb 13, 2024 14:37:22
Thank you so much for the gifts! cryinghug

You are the sweetest I'm just so ;_; ❤ Tysm again!
Not-cat with a smoke mackerel shorthair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings content eyes. Pink Carnation Crown

Feb 13, 2024 2:40:51
Bandages! Thank you so much!
Not-cat with a aprico rosette longhair coattan rosette trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings sad eyes. Tiger Lily Tail CorsageRight Daisy HeadpieceTasty Tiger LilyOrange Sunflower Petal Whirl

Feb 10, 2024 3:04:33
Wow thank you so much for the items!!!! It means so much!!! :DDDD
Not-cat with a charc clouded longhair coatgrey clouded trade markingslocket & toes white markings sleepy eyes. Orange Hunter's ScarfBlue Wildflower Necklace

Jan 27, 2024 22:45:23
The Children yearn for the shores.....
Not-cat with a brown broken longhair coatleft piebald white markings neutral eyes. [Custom] Extra Crunchy JPEG[Custom] Glitched
(ask for pronouns)

Jan 25, 2024 10:52:16
fisher🐟🐟🐟 ty
Not-cat with a brown broken longhair coatpiebald / C6 white markings sleepy eyes. Light Rock CrownDaisy Tail CorsageCrown of ChamomileLight Rock TailpieceShovelWhite Butterfly Swarm

Jan 5, 2024 10:39:21
Thank you for the snack donation!! sparkleparty
Not-cat with a black solid longhair coatno white markings content eyes. [Custom] Rooftop[Custom] The scythe of a leader[Custom] TV-head

Dec 31, 2023 14:44:05
hughug You're welcome!! :)
Dec 12, 2023 12:09:07
i love ur snails if theyre not chosen i will riot
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