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Nestor's Wood ★

longhair cream pat lynxpointwhiteness: 0content eyesButtercup Cloud of HeartsLeft Sunflower HeadpieceSunflower Necklace


The Sunlit Glade


user rank 5

User ID: 1580

Join Date: 2022-07-08

Birthday: December 9

Village Profile
Sunny / Poe
previously snowyy

loves to use cat emotes
there's lore coming soon ish...
feel free to pm me about any
open mp or recruitment board listings!
Commission of Jess by Rapirisu #334

collecting these items:
collectablesOld Cat Pendant
resourcesFallen Meteorite

Badge by Ghost #991. The drawing is of a black cat holding a pumpkin that is bigger than them. Written on the pumpkin is "TOT '22".

note to mods: i use multiple devices and travel semi-frequently!

shorthair silver tor mackerelwhiteness: 4uwu eyesLeft Green Fantail Pigeon FriendRight Green Fantail Pigeon FriendSunflower CrownYellow Wildflower Necklace

Nov 7, 2022 0:32:59
Thank you so much I love yours too!!!hug
shorthair red tor solidwhiteness: 5uwu eyesFirefliesFallen Grass ScarfRound White-Tinted GlassesSweet Cat-tato Horns

Sep 9, 2022 17:43:43
nettle is identical to my profile cat :O!!!
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