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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a black solid longhair coatno white markings sad eyes. [Custom] Luca's BandanaPeriwinkle Petal Whirl




account age 7/9

User ID: 4654

Join Date: 2022-11-20

Birthday: September 3

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A small banner image of an autumn scene with a pixelated leaf.
✘ Twiggy
✘ 20+
✘ he/them
✘ CE +5
Musician. Metalhead. Space Enthusiast. Mindwarping video game addiction.
Thorough enjoyer of Call of Duty, Star Citizen, Valorant, Resident Evil and Destiny 2.

A small banner image of a pixelated pinecone.
✘ peppercorn my child is a criminal and i take no responsibility for his actions and the disappearance of any notes he may come into contact with. he does not give me any of them i promise.

-code by luxine.

Not-cat with a silver colorpoint longhair coatsnow colorpoint trade markingslocket & toes white markings uwu eyes. [Custom] Frost Rune AuraWhite Bead Circlet[Custom] White Bead Tail RingsWhite Bead Anklets[Custom] White Wings[Custom] Seraph Shroud[Custom] White Head Wing Prop[Custom] White Seraph Wing AnkletsWhite Bead Necklace
(any pronouns)

Aug 28, 2023 14:28:21
heartbubblewigglyworm < me when im ur worm gf and i love u
Not-cat with a black mink shorthair coatchoco mink trade markingslocket & toes white markings neutral eyes. Black Butterfly on Head

Aug 27, 2023 1:35:49
jake: yay! peppercorn is home!
Not-cat with a almond classic longhair coatspotted piebald / C7 white markings content eyes. [Custom] Butterfly Koi MantleRight Daisy HeadpieceTasty White LilyPink Silk BowtieRed Butterfly on HeadWhite Periwinkle Tail CorsageYellow Pizzazz
(any pronouns)

Aug 27, 2023 1:30:33
Awh, I wanna know what the fairy cat ad was crying
Ah well, at least I'm glad that Peppercorn is back! Yippee! sparkleparty
Not-cat with a cream mackerel longhair coatgrey mackerel trade markingspiebald / C6 white markings content eyes. Light Front Leg ScarsHardwood Sword

Aug 26, 2023 9:43:55
Idk what happened but I’m happy Peppercorn returned :D
Not-cat with a snow cloudpoint longhair coatlocket & toes white markings stern eyes.

Aug 23, 2023 16:28:09
welcome home peppercorn! glad he's okay
Not-cat with a choco mackerel longhair coatbrown mackerel trade markingsbib & boots white markings content eyes. White MoustacheOrange Cotton SocksOrange Wool ScarfEmerald BubblesEmerald SmokeOrange Wool Hat

Aug 23, 2023 14:10:02
Hey our names are like a letter off!
Not-cat with a red colorpoint longhair coatginger colorpoint trade markingslocket & toes white markings danger eyes. Left Bleeding Hearts EarringBi StreamersWoven Grass ScarfBleeding Hearts Petal Whirl

Aug 21, 2023 11:19:48
Peppercorn came home!! Yay!! /g sparklepartycryinghug
Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint longhair coatlocket & toes white markings right eyes.

Aug 19, 2023 7:37:53
Can you pet your cats for me uwu
Not-cat with a black mink shorthair coatchoco mink trade markingslocket & toes white markings neutral eyes. Black Butterfly on Head

Aug 18, 2023 17:26:24
Onion: Cute ad you posted. It was nice. /gen
Not-cat with a beige lynxpoint longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings content eyes. Hardwood Bark LeggingsHardwood Bark ArmorTasty Green DianthusPeriwinkle Crown

Jul 4, 2023 16:45:26
thank you for showing such a whimsical image to us
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