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Nestor's Wood ★

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account age 7/9

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Join Date: 2022-05-07

Birthday: August 4

Village Profile
Hi! I'm arayofsun35 but feel free to call me Ray. I go by she/her. I love the MCU, dogs, and horses and I hope to be a vet tech/nurse! I own three dogs and a beardie but no cats till I move out.


Mistwood's Story
Winter, Frog, Tsunami, Snail, Maple and Leaf were a quiet bunch of not-cats on Earth. All known to each other but not enough to be called friends. They saw each other every time Nestor came to their part of town and when Nestor came with a gate, the five acquaintances went as a group to the not-Earth.

Winter stepped her paws onto not-Earth before all the others, declaring what they needed to do to survive as soon as they were all there. None of the other not-cats complained about the self-appointed leader as they weren't wanting to step up themselves. After the first day of collecting sticks and food, Winter asked the group what their little area would be called. They all looked around for inspiration before Leaf pointed out that the group had landed in a forest full of fog. Maple pointed out Fogforest didn't sound like a village name before they all decided on Mistwood.

Items Wanted
For Winter:
clothingAmethyst Bubbles
clothingPurple Butterfly on Head
clothingViolet Crown
clothingPurple Cotton Mantle

For Frog:
clothingUnnatural Sapphire Crown
clothingBlue Butterfly Swarm
clothingSapphire Smoke

For Tsunami:
clothingYellow Cotton Mantle
clothingYellow Wildflower Crown
clothingTasty Yellow Wildflower
clothingButtercup Glitterdust

For Maple:
clothingSapphire Bubbles
clothingUncut Sapphire Anklets

For Leaf:
clothingAutumn Leaf on Head
clothingOrange Cotton Mantle
clothingFalling Autumn Leaves

For Dandelion:
clothingEmerald Glitterdust
clothingCrown of Dandelion
clothingHeavy Green Wool Scarf

For Flint:
clothingDark Knife
clothingOrange Wool Hat
clothingOrange Smoke

For Honey:
clothingYellow Cotton Socks
clothingYellow Butterfly Necklace
clothingSunflower Crown
clothingYellow Heart Shawl

For Earth:
clothingWoven Grass Scarf
clothingFalling Summer Leaves

For Rock:
clothingRock Tailpiece
clothingRock Necklace
clothingRock Anklets

F2U Banners
By Zav

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Mar 5, 2023 20:56:17
Hi ray!!
longhair snow clouded catwhiteness: 0neutral eyesPeriwinkle Petal WhirlViolet Petal WhirlLeft Crocus HeadpieceDaisy Petal Whirl

May 30, 2022 2:30:36
Tsunami is very cute hug
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