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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a albino  longhair coatalbino white markings neutral eyes. [Custom] Red Fruit SetGreen Dianthus Tail CorsageGreen Dianthus Petal Whirl[Custom] Red BasketGreen Dianthus Crown[Custom] This is clickbait


Lily Haven

(any pronouns)

account age 7/9

User ID: 5979

Join Date: 2023-02-17

Birthday: June 26

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melo +0 cat time any prns
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minccino's market (wip)
minccino's art mart

くコ:彡 ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ くコ:彡

welcome to my corner
feel free to offer on any cats
that dont have outfits. you can
try to offer for those with outfits,
but i may be extremely tenative

i also have amnesia so please
ping me if you believe i forgot
to reply to something, etc!

。 ₊°༺❤︎༻°₊ 。



Not-cat with a albino  shorthair coatalbino white markings stern eyes. [Custom] The Seer's Halo - Yellow[Custom] Light Lichtenberg ScarsGold CuffsGold Tail Rings[Custom] Blue Mage's MantleGold Necklace[Custom] White Eyecovering Wig

May 1, 2024 13:24:16
sksksk i just realized you bought both shred and calla from meblushing just wanted to come by and say thanks<3 & calla looks super cool in the outfit you put on him!!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatlocket & toes white markings left eyes. Periwinkle Petal WhirlBlue Striped Tail WrapBrown Fantail Pigeon BuddyBlue Wildflower CrownSilver Firefly Buddies

Mar 2, 2024 8:17:16
omg just wanted to drop by and say your art is so incredibly cute!!!! eyeshug
Not-cat with a choco mink shorthair coatbrown mink trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings right eyes. Black Cotton Socks[Custom] White Lily Petal FurRight White Lily HeadpieceWhite Bead AnkletsAshy Bumblebees

Nov 13, 2023 12:21:55
The pixels in your bio are so cute pleading
Not-cat with a buff cloudpoint shorthair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings uwu eyes. Hardwood SwordLightwood Log Cutting Pendant
(any pronouns)

Jun 28, 2023 20:58:36
Aye birthday twins! Happy belated birthday!sparkles
Not-cat with a choco mackerel longhair coatbrown mackerel trade markingsno white markings sleepy eyes. Aroace Streamers AGreen Silk BowtieLittle Green Silk Bow RightRound White-Tinted GlassesFalling Spring Leaves

Feb 19, 2023 18:54:43
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