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Nestor's Wood ★

shorthair brown tor classicwhiteness: 5sleepy eyesTasty Tiger LilyBlue Wildflower Crown




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Join Date: 2022-02-21

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Village Profile
[[ welcome to haven ]]

as you brush through a wall of low-growing shrubs in the woodland, you find yourself in front of a village entrance, sheltered from the rest of the forest. peeking over the wooden fence, you see all sorts of not-cats milling about. a tabby is attempting to herd a bunch of unruly kittens; meanwhile, a calico is hanging up bundles of herbs to dry; on the far side of the village, there is a black cat doing something with a bunch of jars and a cauldron, but you can’t quite see what. others seem to have noticed you, and they look curious, though nobody has approached you yet.

the gate is open. a painted sign above it reads simply, “haven”. will you enter?

(random friend requests okay! everyone on cat game is Friend)

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