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Nestor's Wood ★

Not-cat with a red mackerel longhair coatclassic bicolor / C5 white markings left eyes. Red Polkadot ShawlParsley GarlandWhite Lily Crown




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tiger ● late 20s ● friend requests welcome

Situated in the far northwest of Nestor's Wood, near the border of the Cloudnap Mountains and Sunset Pines, there is a patch of forest that gets unusually cold due to a quirk of the topography (or perhaps stray magical influence). Temperatures are usually below freezing no matter the time of year. Here, in this comparably inhospitable region, a village has been built by some not-cats who love the cold. Snow sits heavy on the rooftops, and icicles hang from lanterns that line the narrow stone streets. At the edges of town, and stretching out into the surrounding wilderness, there are a surprising number of farms: these not-cats have bred strains of frost-resistant crops that seem to grow rapidly here. Indeed, much of Norlund is similar. Its denizens are hardy and clever, thriving in spite of the challenging conditions.

Neighbors: Sunrise Peak ● (others tba)
If your village is located near the three-way border between Nestor's Wood, the Mountains, and the Pines (and you'd like to be neighbors in lore), message me! Village mapping thread here.

a sandbox mockup of a playing white cat with black markings on his head and tail a sandbox mockup of a sitting black cat with a white patch on his chest a sandbox mockup of a standing white cat with very faint lynxpoint markings a sandbox mockup of a sleeping ginger cat with some white markings
current projects: seeking these cats! (no family)
- shorthair black standard solid, white C9
- shorthair black standard solid, white C1
- shorthair beige watercolor lynxpoint, no white [[subject to change]]
- longhair ginger standard mackerel, white C3 [[subject to change]]

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