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TOPIC | The Second Leaf Day!

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Apr 20, 2024 17:29:04
two null cats wearing scarves, around a starball tree

Leaf Day will run from April 21 - April 27
The harvest season is here and cats have gathered around to celebrate food, friends, and all of the wonderful things they've done during the year. This event brings the coloring contest leafducks, five seasonal vegetable sets, and other event-exclusive items and activities!

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Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
Not-cat with a black solid shorthair coatno white markings neutral eyes. aaaaaaaaaaObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



Apr 20, 2024 17:43:41
leafdaystampImportant Note: Leaf Day activities will become available at midnight.
This update was posted early (before the start of the event) as I do not typically stay up that late.

leaf3 Special Leaf Day Item Drops

Special Leaf Day-exclusive vegetable and starball resources, clothing, decor, and snacks are dropping for this week in Gathering, Daily Scenarios, Adventuring, Starball, and the Post Office. These items will return every year.

NEW Starball Clothing

clothingStarball on Head
clothingStarball in Air
clothingTasty Starball

Returning Items

resourcesKitty Squash
resourcesRainbow Pawcorn

decorTiny Light Orange Pumpkit
decorSmall Light Orange Pumpkit
decorMedium Light Orange Pumpkit
decorLarge Light Orange Pumpkit
decorTall Light Orange Pumpkit
decorHuge Light Orange Pumpkit
decorTiny Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorSmall Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorMedium Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorLarge Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorTall Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorHuge Dark Orange Pumpkit
decorYellow-Flowered Vine
decorWhite-Flowered Vine
decorTiny Kitty Squash
decorSmall Kitty Squash
decorMedium Kitty Squash
decorLarge Kitty Squash
decorHuge Kitty Squash
decorStalk of Pawcorn
decorPatch of Pawcorn
decorRed Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorRed Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Red Heartfruit
decorOrange Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorOrange Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Orange Heartfruit
decorGreen Heartfruit Line in Tree
decorGreen Heartfruit Cluster in Tree
decorSingle Green Heartfruit
decorGold Crispleaf Garland
decorGold Crispleaf Pile
decorLight Green Crispleaf Garland
decorLight Green Crispleaf Pile
decorGreen Crispleaf Garland
decorGreen Crispleaf Pile
decorCrate of Pumpkits
decorCrate of Kitty Squash
decorCrate of Pawcorn
decorBasket of Heartfruit
decorBasket of Crispleaves
clothingYellow-Flowered Vine Tangle
clothingWhite-Flowered Vine Tangle
clothingYellow-Flowered Vine Crown
clothingWhite-Flowered Vine Crown
clothingDark Orange Pumpkit on Head
clothingDark Orange Pumpkit Buddy
clothingLight Orange Pumpkit on Head
clothingLight Orange Pumpkit Buddy
clothingKitty Squash on Head
clothingKitty Squash Buddy
clothingPawcorn Necklace
clothingPawcorn Tassle Crown
clothingRed Heartfruit on Head
clothingRed Heartfruit Necklace
clothingOrange Heartfruit on Head
clothingOrange Heartfruit Necklace
clothingGreen Heartfruit on Head
clothingGreen Heartfruit Necklace
clothingGold Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Gold Crispleaves
clothingLight Green Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Light Green Crispleaves
clothingGreen Crispleaf Necklace
clothingFalling Green Crispleaves

gearBig Pumpkit Tart
gearBig Heartfruit Tart
gearCrispleaf Sandwiches
gearPawcorn Balls
gearCrispleaf Canapés
gearStuffed Baby Kitty Squash
gearRoasted Heartfruit
gearStuffed Baby Pumpkins

leafdaystamp Leaf Day Stamp Mini-Currency

Get Leaf Day Stamps through your dailies, or by playing the Starball mini-game. Leaf Day Stamps can be redeemed for resources, collectables, and snacks at the Leaf Day Harvest Market.

specialLeaf Day Stamps

leaf2 Coloring Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who colored leafducks - we loved looking at and admiring all of them! Congratulations to the 16 winners!

collectablesTerrarium Pilot Leafduck
collectablesGet your Leafducks in a Row
collectablesPigeon Leafduck
collectablesLavender Lemonade Leafduck
collectablesSpeedy Racer Leafduck
collectablesBlobject Leafduck
collectablesSand Art Leafduck
collectablesFizzy Leafduck

collectablesFairy's Pet Leafduck
collectablesHarmonic Leafduck
collectablesGrowth Serum Leafduck
collectablesStrawberry Milk Leafduck
collectablesOvercast Leafduck
collectablesPawcorn Bucket Leafduck
collectablesLibrarian's Leafduck
collectablesDollhouse Leafduck

@Loki (Terrarium Pilot Leafduck)
@smores (Get your Leafducks in a Row)
@wyrm (Pigeon Leafduck)
@holohero (Lavender Lemonade Leafduck)
@Circus (Speedy Racer Leafduck)
@zir (Blobject Leafduck)
@cometcats (Sand Art Leafduck)
@borpman (Fizzy Leafduck)
@moonatomizer (Fairy's Pet Leafduck)
@TVtheTV (Harmonic Leafduck)
@seventeendeer (Growth Serum Leafduck)
@Tin (Strawberry Milk Leafduck)
@MarshSiren (Overcast Leafduck)
@spaghettidoodle (Pawcorn Bucket Leafduck)
@minim (Librarian's Leafduck)
@Veil (Dollhouse Leafduck)

Since choosing is so hard, we did choose an additional 12 "honorable mentions." We'll be sending a small number of essence fragments over to these users as a bonus treat! Special shoutout to these users!

@Sharada (Lovebird leafduck)
@skysplash8 (Misty Leafduck)
@Bluebell (Weather Leafduck)
@beankibble (Mandarin Leafduck)
@silt (Whistling Leafduck)
@Kishinyu (Apricot Leafduck)
@shrimp (White-tail Leafduck)
@FiveApples (Bumbling Leafduck)
@Hweatus (Postal Leafduck)
@Kieren (Lovely Leafduck)
@rio (Arcade Leafduck)
@Nautilus (Pixel Leafduck's End)

All of the users above will get a PM from me tomorrow (April 21st) with information about prizes.

Note: The leafducks will be soft retired after this week.

gem4 Soft-Retired Leafhogs

The Leafhogs from the First Leaf Day will be returning this week with very, very low odds (you may or may not get one). These odds have been set at 1:400 for most drops. (They are much more rare for starball since people starball so much).

tree2 Leaf Day-Themed Dailies

For this week only, many activities will have special flavortext and events.

- All cats have a 50% chance of bringing a Leaf Day item home during their day job. Additionally, the Garden-Group (Gardener, Herbalist, Farmer, & Garden Helper) day jobs will yield a x3 resource multiplier when returning items.

- There are 20 Leaf Day-exclusive social scenarios which drop Leaf Day items.

- There are Leaf Day-themed letters at the post office and users are guaranteed to get at least one Leaf Day-themed letter a day.

- A crate event has been added to adventuring where Leaf Day items are dropping.

stick Event Hub Activities

There are two activities over at the Event Hub. Make sure to check them out!

beans2 Starball Mini-Game
Play a little game of starball with four of your cats to win lots of Leaf Day stamps and other items! Traveling Cats will participate too!

Starball uses the same animation and text settings as adventuring and costs 8 snack points to play (as it makes the cats very hungry!)

More information on how to play Starball is available in the Starball Tutorial!

leafdaystamp Leaf Day Harvest Market
RNG not cooperating? You can purchase all of the Leaf Day-exclusive items at the Leaf Day Harvest Market. Clothing and decor are available for notes. Resources, snacks, and collectables are available exclusively for Leaf Day Stamps.

bread Leaf Day Harvest Market Exclusives

Pinecone and kittens have been baking all kinds of tasty treats in preparation for today. If you have extra Leaf Day stamps from playing way too much starball, you can get some tasty new decor for 16 stamps each. These will return every year as a shop-exclusive item:

decorPot of Warm Stew
decorPlate of Steaks
decorPot of Toasted Crickets
decorPlate of Vegetables
decorPlate of Fish
decorPlate of Scrambled Eggs
decorPlate of Poultry
decorPlate of Biscuits
decorPlate of Dumplings
decorSweet Cat-tato Pie
decorBowl of Salad
decorLoaves of Bread
decorPot of Catrot Soup
decorWhole Roast Poultry

essencefragment Thank you???!????

Thank you so very much to those who have supported the site in the last couple of weeks. The volume of support has far surpassed my expectations and I'm so very appreciative of all of you.

I hope you all have been enjoying your time on this silly little not-cat not-game and I am so excited to bring new exciting things to the world of Not-Earth in the future!

painting Custom Decor Print Cost

I will very soon be decreasing the cost of printing custom decor items from 25 Essence Fragments to 15 Essence Fragments. This will be taking place tomorrow morning (April 21st).

Decor items are much, much quicker and easier to review than clothing is - and they just aren't as popular as the clothing items, especially at this price point. My hope is that by lowering the cost, more people will be interested in making custom decor for their scenes.

If you have a custom decor item in the queue now or you have printed or sold a decor item in the past, you will be refunded the difference! 10 EF will be added to your account for each sale and submission up to the time of the change.

eyes After Leaf Day

We are so, so close to the end of beta now. No date yet for the event/party but things really are starting to wind down. I'd still like to migrate the forums before the end, but otherwise I am primarily working on finishing up mercats and prepping the launch event!

book Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue where users were getting soft-locked when doing nothing in battle after the update

- Fixed issue where tool dice weren't working after update

- Fixed issue where kick was still animating when animations were off

- Moved the new auto-focus behavior to a toggle

- Stripped a number of extra pauses and delays out of adventuring animations

- Moved alt text for Cat BBCode to the updated alt text

- Moved alt text for offspring in the Beans Sandbox to the updated alt text

- Beans from Nestor placed into litters with shared parents were not appropriate flagging as littermates and instead were flagged as not-littermates. Not-littermates is reserved for beans that are not in the same immediate family. The problem has been fixed and all relevant relationships have now been updated accordingly. If two not-littermates were siblings, they should have been littermates from the start.

- Art fix: catmint garland (removed stray pixels extending into the pose below)

- Art fix: leaf cloaks (cloak on longhair adults clipped over the fluff)

- Using sprint to pick up a chest now appropriately displays confirmation text when animations are off

- Some starball bugs were cleaned up as it was moved to the new system adventuring is on
-- Last edited on Apr 20, 2024 20:11:22
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
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Wurm village


account age 7/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:15:17
Leafday!!! YES luncheon decor I've always wanted that
Selling a shorthair cream i9 kitty
mrrrrp. mroew?
Random cat from Wurm village (changes daily)
alt text required
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account age 6/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:15:20

I'm definitely going to be overusing the luncheon decor
-- Last edited on Apr 20, 2024 20:22:20
alt text required
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account age 8/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:15:45
sparkleshugI'm so hyped!!! I didn't do a leafduck but I'm glad someone shared the same braincell as me with the Librarian Leafduck!! Also all those dishes! And starball clothes!! EEEE!!!! cryinghug
On cat time~

Mostly a lurker who doesn't know how to format text
Plz ping me when replying!
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Apr 20, 2024 20:16:27
Happy Leafday ! ! leafdaystamp
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ɴᴇꜱᴛᴏʀ'ꜱ ᴡᴏᴏᴅ


account age 8/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:16:34
Discord hosting gone sadge
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forum helper

Apr 20, 2024 20:17:39
starball clothes!!! love those pleading
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Longtail Beach


account age 8/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:18:16
Oh I LOVE the Starball items. I need many.

Congrats to the Leafduck winners! They're all epic designs!
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account age 6/9

Apr 20, 2024 20:20:03
alt text required✧.* quick survey! *.✧ alt text required
✧.* meow *.✧
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