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TOPIC | Crafting Database & New Items

longhair smoke pat lynxpointwhiteness: 7uwu eyesDark Feather ScarfRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendPink Wildflower NecklaceBlue Noodle Tail


Noodle Bowl



May 21, 2022 17:51:57
That's gay.
shorthair black st solidwhiteness: 0neutral eyesObsidian SmokeWhite Wildflower CrownBlue Wildflower Necklace


The Not-Village



May 21, 2022 18:05:26
Update is done! muscle
Cat's End Artist/Developer
Hope all of you are enjoying your cat time!
shorthair charc st minkwhiteness: 0content eyesPurple Cotton MantleLavender Glittersilk ScarfRound GlassesPurple Butterfly on HeadPurple Butterfly SwarmBest Friend Black BunViolet Petal Whirl





May 21, 2022 18:14:07
Love the sparkly clothes!! feels

shorthair charc st mackerelwhiteness: 8content eyesPink Butterfly SwarmPlain Glittersilk VeilPlain Glittersilk ScarfWhite Wildflower Crown
shorthair orange st mackerelwhiteness: 6neutral eyesCheese on HeadRed Cotton SocksRed Bead AnkletsRound Red-Tinted GlassesBerry Glittersilk ScarfRed Silk BowtieBest Friend Brown Mini-PigFloating Ruby Shards
shorthair cream st mackerelwhiteness: 0uwu eyesHeavy Green Wool ScarfGreen Silk Head BowMint Glittersilk ScarfTasty SunflowerSquare Glasses
longhair charc tor cloudpointwhiteness: 8content eyesViolet Bead AnkletsPurple Silk Head BowRound GlassesLavender Glittersilk ScarfPurple Butterfly Swarm
longhair red tor classicwhiteness: 3neutral eyesFalling Autumn LeavesOrange Silk Tail BowWalnut Glittersilk VeilWalnut Glittersilk Scarf
shorthair smoke st rosettewhiteness: 7content eyesRound GlassesPurple Wool HatLavender Glittersilk ScarfViolet Petal WhirlLeft Daisy HeadpieceDaisy Necklace
longhair choco pat colorpointwhiteness: 4neutral eyesBlue Wildflower CrownWoven Grass ScarfBlue Fantail Pigeon on Back


The Bakery


user rank 6

May 21, 2022 20:31:51
Thank you so much for all the work you've done! Enjoy your break! happy
shorthair smoke st mackerelwhiteness: 2content eyesRight Dark Fantail Pigeon FriendRainbow Cloud of HeartsChamomile Garland




user rank 5

May 21, 2022 21:27:35
Oooh very fun update. Enjoy your break and stay safe!
a small badge with split coloring, showing the South Wind icon in black on a red background, with labeling in white text on a grey background a small badge with split coloring, showing the Ordinary personality icon in black on a orange background, with labeling in white text on a grey background

shorthair choco pat mackerelwhiteness: 0neutral eyesLeather Satchel BagSquare GlassesTasty Dandelion


Marsh Grove


user rank 5

May 21, 2022 23:08:48
what an excellent update!!!!!! thank you so much. hope you enjoy your vacation!!! sparkles
frog | he/they | cat time -2
shorthair brown st classicwhiteness: 5content eyesChamomile GarlandTasty Summer Leaf




user rank 5

May 21, 2022 23:19:16
I'm really excited to check out the database and get some new items! Have a lovely time off with your partner and enjoy it!
longhair orange tor colorpointwhiteness: 6danger eyesPan StreamersSquare GlassesLight KnifeGolden Beetle Shell NecklaceIridescent BeetlesCrown of CatmintLeft Light Fantail Pigeon Friend




user rank 5

May 22, 2022 0:29:29
Enjoy your break and have fun with your partner! hug
Art by RapirisuArt by Rapirisu
+0 Cat Time

Art by Rapirisu
Art by Rapirisu
longhair black st brokenwhiteness: 1sleepy eyes


Name your New Village


user rank 5

May 22, 2022 2:00:14
Too bad I’m so insanely poor, these new items look amazing! And please take as much time as you need to, caring for yourself is important hug
Australian - She/her - 12hrs ahead of server time - PMs are open if you need anything ^^
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longhair snow st minkwhiteness: 0content eyesUncut Sapphire NecklaceRunestone TangleRound Glasses




user rank 5

May 22, 2022 3:56:35
Thanks Squid ! You're doing such an awesome just by yourself, take your well-deserved break an enjoy your time with your partner :D
Welgan - TTRPGG game master, fantasy enthusiast, RPG player, reader and artist
Agender / Demisexual - French (server time +6)
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