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Nestor's Wood ★

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Peaceful Town


account age 5/9

User ID: 16585

Join Date: 2024-01-20

Birthday: December 19

Village Profile
Work in progress
Welcome to Peaceful Town! hicheerglitter
Peaceful Town is situated between Gardenhome City and the Hearth of the Woods which might explain why protective cat are attracted to this town.
Peaceful Town is a peaceful village where every kind of relationship is accepted!hugfeels
Everyone is welcome!sparkleparty

Current ongoings:

To be rewritten

Officialy named changes
[center] Officially named Cat Town on spring 35, year 9 changed not long after, the date forgotten as it hadn't been written down somewhere, changed to Not-Cat Town until Spring 48, year 9 when it was changed to Peace Town.
On Summer 9, year 9. Some of the cats realized that the Town was actually called Peace Town, not Peaceful Town. They asked Voidmaker, the mayor at the time. If they could change the name to Peaceful Town. Everyone agreed as no one ever called the Town Peace Town!

Not-lore related stuff/About me
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Not-cat with a red lynxpoint shorthair coatblack lynxpoint trade markingsconfetti white markings content eyes. Exclamation BubbleLight Hunter's ScarfRight Bleeding Hearts EarringLeft Bleeding Hearts EarringRed Bead Anklets[Custom] red-tinted heart glasses

Feb 19, 2024 16:15:00
hai :3
Not-cat with a snow colorpoint shorthair coatlocket & toes white markings sad eyes. Tasty White WildflowerHardwood Bark ShieldRight Lavender Dianthus HeadpieceLavender Dianthus Petal Whirl

Feb 15, 2024 21:54:06
I'm glad! btw, editing a post to ping someone doesn't ping them, so you'll need to make a second post instead if that happens again. sigh luckily, I was subscribed, though! tea
Not-cat with a black mink shorthair coatlocket white markings neutral eyes. Knife

Feb 12, 2024 19:25:31
You messaged me not that long ago about Good Omens hi
Also, bananaquits are a type of bird! But I think their name is funny too so it's my username now haha bird2
Not-cat with a brown clouded longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings neutral eyes. Light Right Eye ScarHardwood Sword

Feb 12, 2024 16:47:34
Not-cat with a snow lynxpoint shorthair coatno white markings uwu eyes. Violet Tail CorsageViolet CrownPurple Wool ScarfLavender Dianthus Petal WhirlDark Knife

Feb 11, 2024 13:25:40
aaa thank you!!hug i love your cats, Begonia is so pretty sparkleparty
Not-cat with a choco mink shorthair coatbrown mink trade markingsclassic bicolor / C5 white markings right eyes. Black Cotton Socks[Custom] White Lily Petal FurRight White Lily HeadpieceWhite Bead AnkletsAshy Bumblebees

Feb 8, 2024 19:56:56
Begonia pleading gorjis
Not-cat with a aprico lynxpoint longhair coatlocket & toes white markings sleepy eyes. Brown Fantail Pigeon BuddyOrange Hunter's CoatBlue Wildflower NecklaceLeft Gold Fantail Pigeon FriendEllipses BubbleBlue Fantail Pigeon on Back[Custom] Black Fungal Neonatal Foster

Feb 6, 2024 20:00:29
hugHi !!! hug
Not-cat with a black broken shorthair coatchoco broken trade markingslocket white markings stern eyes. Unnatural Orange Crown

Feb 5, 2024 21:22:36
Yes yes I did cozy
Feb 1, 2024 20:25:05
It's from a video game i like! I chose it on a whim since I wasn't sure what to name it, haha.

No pressure to come up with a name now, one will come to you flowers
Not-cat with a snow clouded longhair coatbib, boots, & belly / C4 white markings sleepy eyes. [Custom] Copper Baroque ShawlYellow Bead Tail Band

Jan 31, 2024 17:37:50
tea henlo
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